Uranus Retrograde 2022-2023 Do's & Don'ts

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Uranus retrograde began on Aug. 24 in headstrong Taurus. Unlike other retrogrades, this energetic shift is subtle, and it's really a recap of inner growth and pushes you to change how you show up in the material world. Come prepared for progression with these do’s and dont's.

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DO: Shift Your Perspective

This retrograde is all about expanding your consciousness on a broader scale. Not only does this transit prompt you to change your view of yourself, but it's a powerful time to reflect on your role in the world and change how you show up in your community.

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DON’T: Resist Change

When wildly unpredictable Uranus enters its backspin, the need to expand and shapeshift becomes more intense. Avoid fighting against the need to change (ahem, fixed signs), and welcome the positives and opportunities brought by reinventing yourself.

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DO: Be Environmentally Conscious

Uranus retrograde in eco-friendly Taurus is shifting your focus on sustainability, so it's a great moment to be diligent in reducing your carbon footprint. Grow flowers, try composting, or volunteer at a park or beach cleanup.

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DO: Change Your Mind About Money

With Uranus symbolizing abrupt changes, this retrograde is bringing surprises in areas of finances. While it's a good idea to review and establish budget goals, this shift is more focused on changing your relationship with money.

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DON’T: Obsess Over Material Comforts

While Taurus energy is concentrated on money, assets, and accolades, Uranus' backspin is forcing you to reflect on how much merit you give these things. It's an ideal time to pause and reflect, rather than ruminate, on your true values.

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DON’T: Ignore Your Inner World

Uranus' rewind is emphasizing the physical realm and how you operate on a collective level, but retrogrades are ideal periods for looking inward, too. Check in on your mental and emotional health through reflective journaling, therapy, or nature walks.

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DO: Evaluate Your Self-Worth

Taurus rules foundations and self-worth, and Uranus retrograde is asking you to acknowledge what you value in life as it changes your attitude about how you see yourself, too. It's all about identifying what really matters and adds value.

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