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47 Genius Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your Bestie Will Love

You can't go wrong with a cupcake in a jar.

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OK, let’s be honest — we all know who the real love of your life is: your best friend. Partners come and go, and though some may stick, you will always have your friends no matter what. So why not shower them with love on Valentine’s Day, too? If you need some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your best friend, you've come to the right place.

Before diving in, think about the relationship you have with your best friend. They're your *actual* soulmate after all, and no one knows them better than you do. Do you send GIFs constantly back and forth to each other? Do you have your own little book club? Are you constantly helping each other set up for the perfect Instagram shot? Are the two of you desperately hoping that, someday, tea parties will become a thing?

No matter the type of relationship you and your best friend may have, this Valentine's Day gift guide should suit any type of best friend combination. It’s a mix of classic pieces, gifts with hidden jokes, and thoughtful, sweet ways to show your friend how much they mean to you. For the wine-lovers, the fashion-obsessed, and even the aspiring novelists, there’s a gift in this guide for every best friend imaginable.

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1. Fill In The Love Journal

One of my best friends recently sent one of these to me, and I sobbed the entire way through. Show your friend how much they mean to you by filling this book out and sending it to them.

2. Taco Earrings

Nothing says "love you" like tiny tacos you can hang from your ears. If tiny food jewelry is your thing — and duh, why wouldn't it be — you'll love the Crafty Little Dreams shop on Etsy.

3. "It's Good You Are Here" Wall Hang

This hanging canvas from Rayo and Honey will be a regular reminder of how much you appreciate your bestie.

4. Confetti Cupcake In A Jar

If nothing else, it's an excuse to also get a cupcake in a jar for yourself.

5. Love Cardholder

A smart accessory that helps your friend keep all of their important cards in one place? That's true love.

6. I Miss Your Face Candy

It's probably been awhile since you've been able to see your friend IRL. Show them how much you love their face with this box of chocolates.

7. Besties Book

Give the book lover in your life what they really want: more books to fill up their impressive library.

8. Heart Balloon Set

If your bestie is obsessed with taking Instagram photos, give them the gift of a cute photoshoot with these heart balloons.

9. "Trust The Journey" Journal Set

Give your BFF a place to manifest good vibes with this journal set from Be Rooted.

10. Fries Before Guys Coozie

Because it’s just so honest, and you need to remind your friend that fries always come first.

11. Personalized Journal

Are you best friends with the aspiring novelist? Give them a personalized journal to sketch out all of their thoughts for their new book.

12. Valentine’s Day Heart Socks

What better way to say I love you than with socks? Seriously though, there’s nothing better.

13. Heart-Shaped S'more

If your friend is obsessed with chocolate, this marshmallow heart s'more makes the perfect V-Day treat.

14. Valentine's Day Travel Coffee Mug

If your friend is basically Lorelai Gilmore when it comes to coffee, get them this Valentine's Day-themed travel coffee mug.

15. Constellations Whiskey Tumbler Set

This drinkware set from Greenline Glassware is perfect for any friendship that was written in the stars.

16. Love Potion Mug

Are you and your best friend always buying each other cheesy mugs? Then this will be perfect.

17. Fig & Blackcurrant Candle

Can anyone say no to a good-smelling candle? Definitely not if it's this Fig and Blackcurrant candle from Favorite Candle Co.

18. Wine Is My Valentine Stemless Wine Glass

This glass + your favorite $3-buck chuck = the perfect Valentine's Day.

19. Best Friends Bracelet

The little inscription on the inside of the bracelet is kind of like your very own hidden secret.

20. The Original Love Bomb

Serve up a big old glass of love with one of these sweet mason jars.

21. Girl Power Patch

Super cute with a touch of nostalgia, this iron-on patch hits all the right marks. Get one for yourself too so that you can match.

22. BFF Travel Mug

You two may be best friends, but coffee is the real MVP.

23. Best Friends Heart Keychain

If it’s a key chain accessory, does that make the whole best friend charm bracelet thing seem more adult? Eh, who cares, they’re adorable. Get it anyway.

24. SHE CAN 4-pack of Wine

This four-pack of wine spritzers is best enjoyed during your weekly Zoom happy hour with your bestie.

25. Diana Ross Supreme Tee

If your best friend can't appreciate a shirt with a Diana Ross pun, are they really your best friend?

26. BOSS LADY Desk Name Plate

Give your friend a little upgrade to their home office with this "Boss Lady" name plaque from Effie's Paper.

27. Pizza Heart Dog Tag

This pizza dog tag is perfect for the friend who's a dog mom...or if your BFF is your dog.

28. Single, Taken, Hungry Mug

For an even funnier reveal, get them a dozen doughnuts to go with this mug.

29. Travel Tea Infuser

Enable their fancy tea habit with this equally fancy tea infuser from Nilu.

30. Small Heart Dish

If your best friend always wears a bunch of rings, give them a little dish to go on their bedside table that will collect all of their jewelry at the end of the night.

31. You’re My Person Mug

Tell your person how much they mean to you.

32. Ceramic Planter

If your friend's home is essentially a greenhouse, they'll love these planters from Jungalow.

33. Masala Chai Powder

If you haven't been able to grab coffee with your friend in a minute, sending them this Rooibos Masala Chai Powder form YOWIE is the next best thing.

34. Jeni's Ice Cream

Your best friend deserves the best ice cream and hands down, Jeni's is the best ice cream.

35. Floral Vase

And finally, fill this floral vase with flowers to remind your best friend how much they mean to you.

36. APLOMB Candle

With notes of blood orange, honey, and cinnamon, this candle from yasaf, lit smells how a good cocktail tastes.

37. Weighted Blanket

A good night's sleep is truly the greatest gift of all. Get your bestie a 10-, 15-, or 20-pound weighted blanket that will hug them to sleep.

38. Succulent Set

Forget flowers. Succulents say, "You couldn't kill my love for you even if you tried."

39. New Makeup

For the bestie who is obsessed with make-up (we all have at least one).

40. Honey Almond Body Scrub

For the friend who deserves a pamper night, this body scrub from Skin Buttr is a spa day in a jar.

41. Jade Face Roller

Perfect for the friend who deserves to destress.

42. Valentine's Donut Bath Bombs

Two of the great pleasures in life are donuts and warm baths. These donut-shaped bath bombs from Pea Pod Pixie combine them into one glorious gift.

43. Rose Apothecary Tote Bag

For the Schitt's Creek-obsessed bebé, get a gift that will have them saying, "Eww, David."

44. Tie-Dye Onesie

It's trendy! It's comfy! It's period-proof! The only thing that'd make this onesie more perfect is if it came with free health insurance.

45. Compartes Nostalgic Chocolate Bar Set

A heart-shaped box of chocolates is cute, but you know what will really make your BFF feel loved? Chocolate bars that taste like cereal, donuts, and chocolate chip cookies.

46. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

If your friend's love language is caffeine, they'll appreciate this 3-pack of beans from Dope Coffee.

47. Relaxing Bath Salts

Best friends know exactly what you need to relax and these epsom salts are the perfect way to get your bestie to wind down.

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