WandaVision Frappuccinos Have Hit Starbucks' Secret Menu

Start by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino.

by Lauren Grant

Fans of Marvel’s WandaVision and coffee lovers alike are heading to their nearest barista for the newest Starbucks secret menu item: the WandaVision Frappuccino. Starbucks’ not-so-secret secret menu drinks are usually created by changing up the ingredients in regular menu items (like the White Chocolate Mocha) and adding or subtracting any number of the ingredients. You’re left with a fan-made concoction that more than likely comes from a fandom like Disney, DC, and Marvel. A lot of the secret menu item drinks also emulate desserts like tiramisu and apple pie.

Created by Totally The Bomb, the newest addition to the secret squad is perfect for anyone who loves a healthy dose of berries and chocolate with your Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. The drink is typically ordered in a grande, but you can play with the amount of syrups depending on if you wanna go big or go home.

While you’re waiting to see everyone’s favorite TV couple return for season two, here’s how you can order the WandaVision Frappuccino that’ll soothe your soul: Start by ordering a grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Then, ask for mocha drizzle, strawberry purée, raspberry purée, and whipped cream to go in the bottom of the cup. Lastly, top the whipped cream with more mocha drizzle.

Yes, this WandaVision-inspired drink not only tastes amazing, it’s pretty to look at — the strawberry and raspberry purée are meant to resemble the static that often pops up in the show. And of course, there’s more than one way to enjoy this drink, according to TikTok:

If you’ve been a longtime fan of the comic, you can switch up this frapp to better resemble Marvel’s Vision and the Scarlet Witch comics. Disneyland resorts have swapped the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino for matcha and kept the strawberry purée. Even though this version is only available by the name of the WandaVision frappuccino at Disneyland, just order a matcha frapp with strawberry purée — and you’re all set!

The best part about Starbucks’ secret menu items? They’re technically always on the menu, so don’t worry if you can’t decide what version of this fan favorite drink you want to try first. No matter what you decide, you’re in for a real secret treat that you’re going to want to tell all your friends about.