42 Ways To Declutter Your Home For Under $20

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When you’re trying to declutter, It may feel counterproductive to buy more things. But as it turns out, there’s a range of products out there that can be super helpful when it comes to staying organized and tidy. It’s not about having less stuff — it’s about having a spot for the stuff you do have. That’s where this list of ways to declutter your home for under $20 can come in handy. It has bins, trays, compartments, hangers, and hooks galore.

Have you ever emptied all your kitchen cabinets looking for a certain lid, only to come up empty? Or have you ever repurchased expensive makeup or skincare products because you couldn’t find what you already had (just me)? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to figure out a way to organize a certain corner of your kitchen, but never quite figured out how. You’ll find the answers here, and none of these picks will bust your budget.

So, take stock of those problem spots on your kitchen and bathroom counters, and the drawers that just never stay organized, no matter how hard you try. There’s hope for them, and it’s just a few taps away.


This 3-Tiered Shelf Organizer With A Drawer For Extra Storage

This tiered organizer not only makes it easy to see what you have, it holds small essentials in its lower drawer, too. At just over 10 inches long and 4 inches tall, it’s perfect for keeping jars and cans in the pantry, or skincare and hair products in the bathroom cupboard.


An Expandable Tension Shelf You Can Hang Just About Anywhere With No Screws Or Tools Needed

With various colors and sizes to choose from, this expandable tension shelf can hold between 20 to 40 pounds. The stainless steel composite piping is durable and versatile, and the tool-free installation makes it an easy addition to a closet, cupboard, or other small space where where storage is limited.


A Pull-Out Drawer That Creates Storage Space On The Underside Of Your Shelves

This under-shelf drawer adheres in seconds with included tape, and literally creates storage space out of thin air. It’s a neutral grey that fits in with most decor styles, and at roughly 9 by 9 inches and 4 inches deep, it’s perfect for odds and ends that you want to keep safe and secure.


These Organizer Racks That Store Cutting Boards, Baking Sheets, Trays, & More

This two-pack of bakeware organizing racks gives you options for storing those awkward kitchen accessories, like baking sheets, pans, and large cutting boards, that can take up so much space. Each rack has three 2.25-inch compartments and rubber feet to help you avoid scratches and damage to your surfaces.


These Cleverly-Shaped Shelf Baskets That Display Their Contents

Keep your space neat and organized with these closet baskets that are shorter in front than they are on the sides and back, so your belongings stay visible while you store them. Use the convenient side handles to pull out the baskets when you need them. Seven different colors and patterns are available, and they come in two different sizes.


A Compact Corner Shelf That Looks Great Holding Bathroom Essentials

This practical and pretty corner shelf is great for counters and cabinets, keeping clutter at bay while looking sleek and sophisticated. It comes in five different styles made with either white or transparent surfaces, and silver or brass-colored hardware. At just over 9 inches high, it’s the perfect height for storing and displaying beauty and skincare products.


This Hanging Fabric Organizer That’s Perfect For Creating Space In Closets

If closet rods are not cutting it for you, then a hanging closet organizer may be the perfect upgrade. The top hooks attach right onto any standard rod, and the tiered shelves are closed on three sides to keep your clothes secure. It comes in packs of one or two, and there are five colors to choose from.


A Tiered Desktop Hammock That Offers You Adorable & Functional Storage

It turns out hammocks are for more than just relaxing. Three different microfiber pouches in this hammock organizer can keep phones, keys, glasses, and other essentials on hand. Plus, it’s versatile; it works as standing storage on counters or desks, or it can be mounted on a wall.


A Sleek & Sophisticated Acrylic Makeup Organizer So You Can See Everything You Have

This acrylic vanity organizer has four compartments designed for storing makeup, accessories, and more. The frames are tiered, so taller items like brushes or pens fit in the back, and shorter items are suited to the front. Plus, the acrylic is durable, and easy to maintain, too; it washes easily with soapy water.


These Versatile & Foldable Storage Cubes That Can Slide Like Drawers

Whether you have a shelf unit with compartments that fit these collapsible storage cubes or you intend to use them on their own, this sets of six open-top bins gives you plenty of storage options. Six different colors are available, and each bin has a sewn-on handle so they’re easy to pull, too.


A Set Of Metal Hooks That Are Just The Thing For Hand Towels & Loofahs

These over-the-cabinet towel hooks slip right onto cabinet doors without any tools or adhesive, making them both easy to position and to experiment with. Plus, they have a protective cover on the hook itself and the back so your cabinetry is safe from scratches.


This Round, Tiered Jewelry Organizer That Looks Great Open Or Closed

Whether you keep the round, rotating trays open or closed, this tiered jewelry holder is a sophisticated and handy addition to your space. It comes in four elegant colors (black, white, pale green, and pastel pink), and each level has a layer of fabric to protect your valuables.


A Toothbrush Holder With A Spot For Multiple Brushes & Toothpaste

Not all toothbrush holders are created equal. This one has seven separate compartments; six for individual brushes and one larger one for toothpaste. Plus, it’s made with an open wire frame so water doesn’t collect or pool. It comes in three different colors; black, nickel, and chrome.


This Hanging Organizer For Purses & Handbags Of All Sizes

Not to call anyone out, but there are better ways to store purses than the floor of your closet. This hanging purse organizer has eight clear, vinyl compartments that protect bags while still keeping them visible, and a swivel hook that works with a standard closet rod. The best part? It easily rotates so you can see both sides.


This Rolling Cart That Slides Into Narrows Spaces For 3 Tiers Of Storage

This versatile, slim rolling cart is not even 6 inches wide, so you can use it in spaces where bulkier models aren’t an option. It’ll corral small items in a small space, helping you declutter a space. It can be built with two or three shelves, and it comes in white, black, and grey. Plus, four hooks are included, which can be used on any shelf for extra storage.


A Pair Of Corner Shelves That Has Room For Cords & Cables To Slip Through

Using corners for storage doesn’t have to be awkward, especially when you have these corner mounting shelves. They can be hung with adhesive or hardware, and they’re available in multiple colors. Plus, there’s a bendable corner that makes it possible to loop cords and wires through them.


An Organizer That Helps Keep Your Collection Of Food Container Lids Under Control

If you’ve ever had to search for the right lid to go with a certain food container, you know the struggle that particular drawer or cupboard can be. With this food container lid organizer, four adjustable compartments hold lids neatly, and the container has handles so you can easily move it. Multiple sizes are available.


A Versatile Stacking Shelf That Has Multiple Uses In Or Out Of Your Closet

This metal stacking shelf can work almost anywhere you need a little extra space; your closet, under the sink, even in your refrigerator. It comes in chrome, bronze, or grey, and it’s interlocking, so multiple shelves can be stacked together. It capitalizes on vertical space to organize extra items, and when it’s not in use, it folds down for easy storage.


These Brilliant Hangers That Hold Up To 8 Pounds Each

When they use the word “magic” in their name, it’s okay to have high expectations. These magic hangers have room for five traditional hangers, and you can use them horizontally to group garments, or unhooked to save space horizontally. They’re offered in white and black, and they come in a set of 10 hangers.


This Smart & Simple Remote Control Holder That You Can Hang Almost Anywhere

This adhesive remote control holder can create the perfect spot for your remotes and other important devices. Mounting is super simple and just requires you to peel back the protective cover like a sticker. It’s removable, too, and won’t damage walls.


A Dual-Chambered Shampoo Holder That Gives You The Perfect View Of Your Products

With two separate compartments to hold your choice of body wash, shampoo, or conditioner, this adhesive product dispenser is a great way to fix a cluttered shower. It’s waterproof, installs without any tools, and holds more than 14 ounces of liquid in each chamber. And, when you need to refill, you simply remove it from its mount.


These Versatile Under-Shelf Baskets That Elevate Your Cabinets & Cupboards

Why limit yourself to the laws of gravity when planning your storage? Turns out, you can store things under your shelves, too. You just need these under shelf baskets, which hook right onto shelves to give you an extra space for stashing essentials.


A Set Of Transparent Containers That You Can Use Individually Or Stacked

These compact, round stacking containers are great for hair accessories and other loose items like jewelry, cosmetics, office supplies, craft supplies, and more. Each holder has a 5-inch diameter and when stacked together, they’re just under 10 inches tall. Plus, lids all have a lip for stacking or offering extra security to items stored right on top.


An Organizer With Adjustable Shelving That Creates Valuable Vertical Space In Your Pantry

This adjustable, tiered box organizer is designed for dry goods and pantry staples, but it’s versatile enough that you can use it in a variety of ways throughout your home. No tools are necessary since it just snaps together, and four different shapes and sizes are offered.


A Storage Bin That Helps You Keep Your Fridge Tidy & Stocked

A fridge organizer bin can upgrade one of the busiest, most important storage spaces in a home. This one is sized to store canned drinks or condiments, and the built-in handles make it easy to pull or maneuver so it’s a cinch to check inventory. Grab a few, and you’ll soon be surprised by how much easier it is to navigate the contents inside your fridge.


This Hanging Pantry Organizer That Will Keep Everything From Spices To Spatulas Secure

If you’re short on space, this pair of over-the-door pantry organizers might be your new favorite addition to your kitchen. Each one has 15 transparent pouches, so you get 30 total. Plus, the white color and silver metal hooks give it a simple and neat appearance that suits almost any kitchen.


An Organizer That Turns The Backside Of Your Cabinets Into Usable Space

Finally, a designated spot for cutting boards, trays, and pans. This over-the-cabinet organizer slips right on doors in seconds with thinly reinforced hooks that prevent scratching or damage. Or, if you prefer, hardware is included for direct installation on walls or doors. It’s available in single or double packs.


This Elegant Basket That Turns Your Toilet Tank Into A Pragmatic Yet Decorative Spot

Storage space is often at a premium in bathrooms, so this perfectly sized toilet tank basket is not only a cute way to spruce up the space, it’s functional and practical, too. Each basket has three separate compartments, and three colors are available (grey, grey wash, and brown).


A Closet Addition That Creates Up To 30 Extra Inches Of Hanging Space

This best-selling closet rod gives you the chance to hang more clothes in your closet by creating a second hanging area in unused vertical space. You can adjust the rod to be between 18 to 30 inches, and it’s perfect for separating areas of your closet into shirts and pants or to plan outfits for coming days.


These Wooden Wall Hooks That Are Decorative & Durable

These natural wood hooks are not only a great option for strappy purses, scarves, and bulky jackets, they’re cute and simple, fitting in with a variety of decor styles. Two different wood tones are available, and all the necessary hardware for installation is included, too.


A 2-Pack Of Shelf Dividers That Make Your Closet Look Like A Boutique

You can stack your sweater piles tall and with confidence when you have a set of shelf dividers. The coated steel bars slide over wood or other solid surfaces, and the 12-inch divider itself is made of polymer fabric that won’t snag or damage fabrics. They’re easy to secure and adjust so you can update your closet accordingly.


This Trio Of Floating Shelves With Wood Surfaces & Metallic Accents

Not only does this set of floating shelves look sleek and sophisticated in any space, but it gives you a range of options for hanging and styling. Each of the three shelves is a unique size, ranging from 9 to 17 inches, and they hold up to 40 pounds of weight. Eight different styles and colors are available.


This Kitchen Organizer That Keeps Packets & Spices From Ever Getting Lost Again

This pair of food packet organizers comes with two identical containers made to hold a variety of spices, seasonings, and condiments. Depending on your choice of size, you’ll have three to four compartments to use. Each piece is made of transparent, BPA-free plastic so it’s durable, shatter-resistant, and food-safe.


A Woven Strap Basket That Is As Functional As It Is Stylish

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if you acquire a basket, you’ll find a practical use for it. This woven strap tote and liner is a great example. It comes in five different sizes and has a durable, epoxy-coated wire frame. The contrasting neutral tones also help it fit into a wide range of interior decorating styles.


An Adjustable Sink Caddy That Extends That Life Of Sponges & Scrubbers

If you’ve ever lifted a soggy sponge from its holder then you know the struggle. This sink caddy is made of alloy steel and has an open wire bottom for easy drainage. The included suction cups hold the caddy in place or you can use the sink hook to position it, too. It’s available in chrome or bronze.


These Versatile Shelves That Are Perfect For Those Shoes By Your Front Door

If shoes and purses collect by your front door (ahem), then take note of this two-tiered shelf made of natural wood. Each layer is roughly 25 inches by 10 inches, and it stands at just under 12 inches tall, so it’s a great size for holding six pairs of adult shoes.


This Classic Desk Drawer Organizer That Keeps Your Sticky Notes & Paperclips Organized

No more loose binder clips and postage stamps floating around your drawers when you have this plastic desk organizer. It’s perfect for office supplies (take note of the notch that makes it easy to grab a sticky note) or craft supplies, too. Multiple sizes are available, along with a range of coordinating desk accessories, so you can select the perfect match for your needs.


A Bedside Caddy So Your Essentials Are Never More Than An Arm’s Length Away

Unlike a traditional nightstand, this hanging bedside caddy doesn’t collect clutter and dust like surfaces can. Pockets are meant to keep only your basics close with three mesh pouches and one solid pouch to hold reading material, devices, and more. It’s available in black and brown.


This Tried & True Desktop Organizer With 5 Compartments For All Your Office Supplies

This standing desk organizer, which comes in black and silver, has five open compartments plus one sliding drawer for odds and ends. The metal mesh gives it a contemporary look and keeps supplies visible. At 8.7 inches wide, it’s the perfect size to hold letter-sized documents and booklets upright.


These Slide-Out Baskets That Are Perfect For Organizing Underneath Your Bathroom Sink

This 2-tiered organizer is part drawer and part basket. The bins each have a handle that makes it easy to slide them forward, and adjustable dividers on the inside allow you to customize the size of compartments. Plus, the front and inside dividers have space for labeling.


A Set Of 16 Drawer Organizers That You Can Arrange In A Variety Of Ways

Every container in this set of 16 drawer organizers has the same 1.9-inch depth, but with five different sizes you can fit them together in any number of ways in drawers or on shelves. Even better, they’re made with transparent plastic so contents are easy to see from every side. By giving everything in your drawers a home, the clutter will soon be gone.


A Round, Rotating Tray That Keeps Everything Within Reach

No more reaching behind tall bottles or fishing through crowded bins when you have this storage turntable. With a white exterior and four color choices for the inner platform, it’ll blend right in where you need it most. Its diameter is just over 11 inches, so you can even use it in the refrigerator.