30 Thoughtful Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate

So you can spend more time planning the big stuff.

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These personalized wedding favors will make your wedding guests feel special.

Planning your wedding can seem a lot more fun in theory than in reality. Tasks like picking your wedding colors, searching for the perfect dress, finding unique wedding favors, even choosing flowers all sound great individually — but the stress of it all can really add up. Wedding planning is cumulative, and it likely won’t come as a surprise to find that your stress levels — and perhaps your wallet, too — are taking a beating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It can be stressful to not only come up with ideas for personalized wedding favors, but also to budget for them. According to the Wedding Report’s annual survey, couples in the U.S. spent an average of $241 on wedding favors alone in 2019 (wedding data from 2020 is a bit abnormal for obvious reasons) — and that’s not including other gifts for family and attendees like the bridal party. However, this average is by no means a blueprint, and you should prioritize what feels right for you.

"Eliminate things that are not important to you or don't add value to your priorities," Boston’s Seaport Hotel’s wedding expert Leah Malin explains to Bustle. "Don't feel the pressure to have a completely branded and customized wedding with lots of signage and over-the-top favors if that is not authentic to your taste and style." Instead, focus on things that are more about meaning than cost.

This is especially true of wedding favors. You want to give something memorable, something that will let your guests remember the big day but also your history with them — and that doesn't always have to break the bank or be a major cause of stress. The internet is brimming with amazing ways to come up with thoughtful, whimsical wedding favors that will make your guests feel cared about. Still overwhelmed? Here's where to start.

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Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are definitely still a thing (thank you, TikTok) and they are just as great as you remember. Ask your guests to swap their phones for something a little more retro. You and your guests will have a fun time exchanging photos and the stories behind them in all the years to come.


Prints From A Shared Location

This favor works especially well if you theme your tables by different locations — where you grew up, where you went to college, where you live now. Then, just gift each member of the table a print from that location. Or maybe your wedding is a destination wedding and you want to thank everyone who made the trip to attend.


A Packet Of Seeds

These are especially cute wedding favors if you live in a more rural area and your guests have outside space for plants to grow. Seeds are a simple and affordable favor with a lot of heart. And what’s more memorable of love than a healthy, growing garden?


Personalized Wine Labels

Wedding rule number one: Wine is always good. If you find that you ordered too many bottles — or just know your guests love their vino — buy personalized labels and let them take home some of the wedding wine. While the contents might be short-lived, hopefully your guests will keep the bottle as a memorable decoration.


Temporary Tattoos

This listing might say "bat mitzvah," but these temporary tattoos work for any occasion. And is there anything more fun than having you and your fiancé’s face on people’s arms? This is a quirky wedding favor that will definitely be memorable.



If you have a relaxed atmosphere and a zen vibe at your wedding, incense can help your guests take the mood home with them. You can choose from a variety of scents to pick the one that best exhibits the vibe of your big day. Tie some small twine bows around the sticks for some extra presentation points.


Tiny Houseplants

If you and your fiancé are known for your green thumbs, share the love at your wedding by gifting miniature houseplants to your guests. They’re an eye-catching wedding favor that will provide immediate joy to everyone who sets them in their windowsill.


A Mini Hangover Kit

There isn’t much more thoughtful than lending a helping hand to your family and friends in preparation for their post-wedding headache. To wrap up a fun night of champagne celebration, these hangover kits make perfectly funny wedding favors. Include whatever you think will help best the next morning!


Cocktail Kits

Customized shot and cocktail kit wedding favors are always fun. Either go with a singular shot bottle, or make it a little set by including other bar essential minis like simple syrup or lemon juice. If you had a signature wedding drink, then a mini version to take home is a really great gift.


Personalized Bags Of Coffee Beans

These days basically everyone has a close relationship with coffee. Give the gift of caffeine by handing out personalized packs of your favorite coffee beans to all your guests. One might say the coffee represents the fact that you and your partner are a perfect blend.


Spotify Link Keychain

Send everyone a link to the song that represents your marriage — or maybe even your entire wedding playlist — by gifting them this thoughtful engraved keychain. That way, your guests can relive their terrible dance moves forever! You can even print your wedding date on the other side.


Personalized Mugs

It may not be a scientific fact, but it sure does feel like one: You can never have too many good novelty mugs. Plus, if you have a rustic or maybe glamping-inspired outdoors wedding, a camping mug is right on theme. Guests will hopefully use it for many cups of coffee to come.


Individual Photos Of The Night

If you totally avoid the wedding favor issue until the last minute — or just don't have the budget — wait until after the fact and send all of your guests photos from the big day. Or, take it easy on yourself and get an instant photo booth for the night. It's an activity in itself, and the photos are a great favor for guests to take home.


Personalized M&Ms

Candy is one of those gifts that people of all ages will love. If you anticipate having children at your wedding, this wedding favor is a no-brainer. Plus, you can personalize it with your names and choose whatever color combo you want to ensure that it fits with the aesthetic of your big day.


Personal Nutella Jars

Nutella is always the most thoughtful gift you can give. No arguments. But seriously, this is a quirky and cute wedding favor that will have all of your guests leaving in a sweet mood.


Individual Hot Sauce

If you want to spice things up, hand out these portable Sriracha keychains as wedding favors. Not only is it petite and dainty, but it’s also actually useful. You can never have too much Sriracha — and some swear it doubles as a hangover cure.


Pressed Flowers

If your wedding has a whimsical feel, you can give your guests a little bit of the whimsy and magic from your big day to take home with them. Pressed flowers have a vintage but timeless feel that truly makes for a heartwarming and classy gift. Plus, you can choose to have favors with the same type of flower if you’re going for a specific theme.


Luggage Tags

Perfect for a destination wedding, luggage tags are really useful and make an easy favor for guests to take home with them. These ones are bonded leather and foil-stamped luggage tags to bring your wedding favors to the next level of luxury. Not to mention, they’re super cute and come in a variety of colors.


Picnic Blankets

Blankets can come in handy on the night of your big day — especially if you have a lot of outdoor space at your wedding. They also double as a favor that will make your guests think of you whenever they break out the picnic basket. You can even personalize these with your names for extra memorability.


Eye Masks

Self care is important! And that’s exactly why a sleep mask makes for a thoughtful gift. Plus, this wedding favor might help with all of your guests’ hangovers the next day.



A cheap pair of sunglasses is always handy, plus they can jazz up the wedding photos. If you’re hosting a beachside or summer wedding, these favors will be especially on theme. Maybe even hand them out before the ceremony begins so you can look out into a sea of colorful sunglasses.


Individual Notes

If you have a smaller wedding, don't underestimate the power of a thoughtful note written to each guest — it's the ultimate keepsake. A handwritten one on nice stationery will truly go a long way, and it will likely be something this each guest will keep forever.


Face Masks

Honestly, you’re the person most likely to need a spa day after your wedding — but you can’t go wrong by offering one to your guests. This sheet mask is a cult favorite for its brightening, exfoliating properties, and it’s an ideal way to recharge after a night of dancing.


Mini Jam Jars

Want to be really thoughtful? Make something yourself. A jar of jam, some fudge, some flavored gin — whatever you’d most enjoy DIYing. Or, if homemade stuff isn’t really your thing (or it doesn’t fit into your busy wedding planning schedule right now) opt for something you can buy in bulk. Either way, things like mini jars of jam are adorable wedding favors.


Personalized Wine Stoppers

You can never seem to find a wine stopper when you need one, but these little guys can really save the day. And with your names and the date of your wedding engraved on the top, your guests will be reminded of your special day every time they cork a bottle of wine. Cheers!


Individual Water Bottles

Save the planet and help your guests remember the big day. Personalized water bottles are surprisingly easy to come by, and they're a practical gift people will actually use. Customize each one with your names and the date of the wedding so that your guests will never forget.


Set Of Matches

This fun wedding favor will definitely spark up conversation amongst your guests. Small corked apothecary jars with matchsticks inside definitely give off cottagecore wedding vibes in the best way. If you’re feeling really generous, you might even consider pairing it with a mini candle for everyone to take home.


Custom Bubble Wands

Speaking of whimsical wedding favors, personalized bubble wands are full of playfulness and fun. These lighthearted gifts for your guests will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces, and they’re especially cute if you have little kids joining as guests at your wedding.


Mini Jars Of Tea

This one is definitely up there when it comes to cute wedding favors. These small glass bottles of artisan tea leaves adorned with twine bows and custom placards make for a lovely parting gift. Choose from a variety of floral and earthy teas to send your guests home with a small, personalized reminder of your big day.


Custom Bottles Of Olive Oil

Something about giving olive oil as a wedding favor is classy, funny, and thoughtful all at the same time. Not to mention, these olive oil bottles are personalized and pretty. Send your guests home with this delicious gift to commemorate your beautiful big day.

Planning a wedding can definitely be overwhelming, so make sure that you're focusing your attention where it really matters. With favors, like with the rest of your wedding, it's the thought that counts — that's what your guests will remember.

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