This Spotify Feature Makes A Playlist That Combines Your Friends’ Favorite Music

Take the guesswork out of building a queue.

What is Spotify Friends Mix?

Creating a playlist with friends is a special form of intimacy. Curating the vibe between songs, ensuring everyone has something they’ll love in the queue, and listening to it together during any occasion is a way to feel close to your BFFs. On Spotify, features like Blends have made it easy to create playlists that have something for everyone and another feature called Friends Mix takes those Blends to a whole new level.

Blends have been allowing Spotify users to combine their own music tastes with their friends since August 2021. In 2022, additional features like Blends with music artists or fictional characters and 10-person Blends made their way to the app. There are plenty of ways to create playlists with your loved ones, and thanks to Spotify Friends Mix you can even listen to a playlist made using the listening habits from all of your Blends put into one place. Here’s what to know about Spotify Friends Mix and how to access yours.

In order to get a Friends Mix on your Spotify account, you have to have a minimum of three existing two-person blends. Once that prerequisite is achieved, you’ll see a new playlist called “Friends Mix” in your “Made For You” hub. This mix is available for both free and premium Spotify users on smartphones and desktops.

If you don’t see it on your Made For You hub, you can simply type in “Friends Mix” in your Spotify search bar. Then, you can click on the playlist and find a list of songs based on your listening habits and that of everyone you’ve blended with. Just like a normal Blend, the Friends Mix will show which songs come from which of your friends by including their profile photo next to the song. If more than two people are the reason for the song in your mix, you can click on the profile photos to see a full list of the users who listen to that song.

Friends Mix is a great way to feel connected to your long-distance besties by listening to their favorite songs. Additionally, it’s an easy solution to figuring out what playlist to put on next time you host a party — no need to send around a collaborative playlist link 30 minutes before the festivities start since you know your mix has something everyone will jam out to.