Digital Love

What's Your Opening Line On Dating Apps?

Here, millennials confess the conversation starters that work each and every time.

by Lauren Tegtmeyer

The pickup line: heavily debated by artists, scholars, and poets — or just millennials who are trying to shoot their shot. So, what makes the perfect opening line to send to someone you matched with on an app? The truth is, there's no one-size-fits-all formula, but some conversation starters are definitely better than others.

In a recent article sharing what to talk about on dating apps, Bustle talked to Veronica Grant, a life and dating coach. "When you're talking to someone on the apps, try to make it feel as 'real-life' as possible. Pickup lines feel gross if you're at a bar, and the same goes for online."

It definitely makes sense, but it's certainly easier said than done. In fact, blundering your way through that first interaction is actually quite common. For an episode in Bustle's Digital Love, a series about dating in the digital age, a group of millennials confessed which of their opening lines got a reply — and which ones failed spectacularly. Admissions range from, "So what made you swipe right?" to, "Hey, you're hot, let's hang out tomorrow," all the way to the ill-advised, "You suck."

Everyone has their own style, but when it comes to opening lines, the important thing is to not think too much about it. After all, it's just one swipe, one match, and one interaction. Anything else that happens from there is up to the universe — just try not to get too weird with that opening line, and you'll increase your chances of fate being kind to you. Check out the subjects' responses in the video above if you need any inspiration.

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