When Will Twitter Be Back?

woman in the city
Qi Yang/Moment/Getty Images

Nothing feels quite as good as that ~Friday morning~ vibe — that is, unless it is abruptly squashed by Twitter being down. A lot of users are experiencing issues, according to user-generated reports on the website Down Detector, prompting many people to wonder: When will Twitter be back? While it's hard to say for sure, we can make some educated guesses on about how long it will take for Twitter to run at full capacity again.

Fortunately, Twitter seems to be well aware of the problem, posting a tweet on their support page that reads, "Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter & Tweeting. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution." As Down Detector is reporting, Twitter appears to be down on both coasts, as well as in Europe and Japan. (It may very well be down elsewhere, but reports are bound to be heavier in time zones where people are awake.) Odds are because Twitter is aware of the situation, it will be resolved quickly — but the amount of time will depend on what exactly caused the outage in the first place.

If it's as simple as the servers being overloaded, then Twitter will likely be back and running within an hour of it experiencing trouble, as it has in the past. The only thing that would make restoring Twitter a little more difficult in a timely manner is if this is yet another DDoS attack, similar to the one that impacted sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Spotify on Oct. 21 of last year. If that is the case, it could unfortunately be another few hours before the issue is resolved and users are fully able to post and load tweets on mobile and desktop — the last time it happened, it took approximately four hours for service to be returned, and even then it was a bit spotty for another hour or so.

Regardless, maybe we should all take this as a sign from the Twitter gods that we all need to take a deep breath and step away from the keyboard for a hot second. It's Friday, you guys! Go outside! Taste the rainbow! Or if you're too lazy, go look at the sky from your window! Twitter will be back before you know it.

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