Yes, You Can Actually Make Your Own Cadbury’s Chocolate Bar Now

Here’s how.

Build Your Own Cadbury Bar Where To Buy In UK
Cadbury World

From Dairy Milk Oreo to Marvelous Creations, there’s no denying that when you are in the need for something sweet, Cadbury’s more than hits the spot. Their range of sweet treats is extensive, but Cadbury are now giving you the opportunity to create your very own blend. Yes, really. Here’s where to buy the Cadbury’s build your own bar in the UK.

Inspired by their chocolate factory experience at Cadbury World in Birmingham, the bespoke service evokes the joy of choosing your delicious toppings at Cadbury’s Chocolate Making zone. Per Delish, the theme park experience has been extended to a virtual one amid the pandemic.

So let’s talk chocolate. The first step in creating your own bespoke bar? A base, of course. Choose from milk or white chocolate, and then add your own toppings; up to three. Choose from fudge pieces, shortcake biscuit pieces, Oreo crumb, Bournville buttons, white chocolate buttons, Mini-eggs, orange pieces, strawberry buttons, and honeycomb pieces. You can place your order via the Cadbury World website, and costs £8.95. If you need any more convincing, the Manchester Evening News described the Cadbury’s build your own bar as “a treat for the Cadbury aficionado, and a quirky new service if you're looking for a personalised gift.”

As if that weren’t enough, there’s other bespoke options available via the Cadbury World website, too. You can also get smaller personalised chuckle bean plaques for £3.95, and chocolate slabs with a personalised message for £8.95. Who’s hungry?