Yes, Cadbury’s Chocolate Pizza Is A Thing Now

Here’s how to get your very own kit.

Candy pizza is nothing new, I hear you say, but of course Cadbury has gotten in on the trend and absolutely smashed it. And the beauty of the chocolatier’s latest invention is that you get to make the “pizza” from scratch.

The perfect pudding after an actual pizza, the Cadbury Pizza Kit includes milk and white chocolate to make your base and sauce, and a selection of Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums to use as toppings. Of course, there’s always room for improvisation. Nothing is stopping you from adding even more sugary treats like strawberry laces, dolly sweets, or shrimp candies...

Anyway, back to the pizza kit. Available via the Cadbury Gifts site, this delicacy will cost you £12, plus delivery charges. The listing also gives you a sneak peak into how you actually make the pizza, which involves melting and pouring the white chocolate onto the base, and adding wine gums as toppings before chilling in the fridge and allow it all to set. Genius.

Hardly surprising, really. Especially given that the Cadbury’s has a long history of delighting chocolate fans with weird and wonderful creations for as long as I care to remember. There’s the bespoke chocolate bar (because why pick a favourite flavour when you can combine them all?!), the return of the Christmas classic that are Cadbury Puds, and there’s even a DIY choco-train kit. (You build a locomotive using Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, white chocolate buttons, and Oreos.) Seriously, what’s not to love?