Baileys’ Chocolate Yule Log Is The Christmas 2020 Dessert We All Deserve

Decadence, upon decadence.

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There's something about Baileys that just screams Christmas decadence. It's rich, creamy, and delightfully calorific in all the best ways. There's nothing quite like sitting by a warm fire, sipping on a glass Baileys, watching a festive film, right? You can almost taste it. Fans of the drink will be delighted to know that this Christmas, there are more ways than one to enjoy Baileys, including festive cakes and desserts aplenty. Here's our pick of the best Baileys-infused treats, including where to buy the Baileys Yule Log, which is perhaps the most coveted seasonal hybrid of the lot.

Our aforementioned favourite, the Baileys Yule Log is made with soft chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate-flavoured frosting and coated in milk chocolate. So far, a fairly standard chocolate log? Enter the all-essential Baileys twist, which takes things to the next level. The chocolate log is then covered in rich Baileys cream cheese frosting, and finally, topped with bronze chocolate curls. Decadence, upon decadence. And delicious, too.

This dream pudding — which we think would work really well as an alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding, for all the mincemeat haters – is also an absolute bargain, setting you back just £5. A veritable Christmas miracle when compared to some of the inflated prices of other indulgent seasonal treats.

The Baileys Yule Log is readily available, too. You can buy it most supermarkets, namely: Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, and Co-op, meaning it's easy to add to your trolley on your weekly shop, no extra efforts needed.

If the yule log doesn't take your fancy (you'll be missing out!), there are other options for Baileys fans. These include the the Salted Caramel Mini Cupcakes, which are sold in Asda and Tesco for £4, and the Baileys Marble Cake for a slightly more decadent £12.

Whichever Baileys treats you choose this season, they're sure to make your Christmas holidays a whole lot more delicious.

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