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The Brown Butter Cookie Latte Is Whole Foods' Best-Kept Secret

You can even DIY it a home.

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In autumn, there’s usually one coffee order on everybody’s lips: the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But this year, it looks like the PSL is facing some competition. No, it’s not just the viral Ice Spice Munchkins Drink from Dunkin’ that’s giving the classic cup of joe a run for its money. According to TikTok, the Brown Butter Cookie Latte from Whole Foods is the grocery store’s best-kept secret, which means the seasonal sip’s 20-year reign might be coming to an end.

The flavorful offering started making waves on TikTok rafter creator @foodwithdemetrius’ review of the sip went viral on Aug. 2. “I don’t know what Whole Foods put in this iced Brown Butter Cookie Latte, but whatever it is, I need them to have it year-round,” says the foodie. Thankfully for the TikToker, @madeline.elyse98, a Whole Foods coffee bar employee, was able to answer that question. “It’s just pumpkin syrup and caramel syrup combined, and that’s what makes the brown butter taste,” the employee explains in an Aug. 10 video. “There’s no brown butter syrup.”

The creator goes on to share that because the drink was seasonal, it’s no longer available, but was able to offer up a hack for curious coffee lovers who weren’t able to get their hands on the viral latte sooner. Per the barista, you can order the drink by asking for a combination of caramel and pumpkin syrup, as long as the location has the flavors available.

In the OG video, @foodwithdemetrius recommends getting the menu item with oat milk, and boasts about the drink’s four-dollar price tag, though it’s unclear if the price remains consistent across all stores. If the videos’ 1.6 million views and 202.8K likes haven’t convinced you to try the sweet drink yet, maybe the 2 million views under the related hashtag or the countless number of positive reviews flooding the FYP will encourage you to convert.

The couple behind the account @maya.and.hunter rated the drink a solid 9-9.5 out of 10, while @natalyaalisia dared to call it a “level up” from Starbucks. That’s a serious endorsement, y’all.

Speaking of Starbucks, the PSL isn’t the only drink that should be scared this season, because the Whole Foods bev is drawing comparisons to another fall staple sip. “If you love the Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso, you’re going to f*cking love this,” says @lizz._.bear. “It is so good.”

Because the drink can only be ordered at a Whole Foods coffee bar, you might have a hard time finding the latte near you. Lucky for you, TikTokers are sharing their tips on how to make the sip at home, so you can hop on the viral trend without traveling 45 minutes just to get your hands on a cup of coffee.

User @foodieeshh recreated the recipe with 1883’s Pumpkin Pie and Caramel syrups, which are the same syrups that Whole Foods uses to make the Brown Butter Cookie Latte. To get the drink started, the creator makes two shots of espresso with double espresso dolce. While that’s brewing, they add three pumps of pumpkin pie syrup and two pumps of caramel syrup directly to the cup. Next comes the espresso, six ounces of oat milk, and don’t forget to add some ice on top. “This drink tastes exactly like the drink I had at Whole Foods,” remarks the TikToker.

It may not have “pumpkin spice” in the name, but don’t be fooled: the Brown Butter Cookie Latte from Whole Foods is about to be your new fave sip of the fall season.

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