I Used The YETI Coffee Mug For A Year — & This Is My Unfiltered Review

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The YETI 10-ounce mug is my go-to everyday mug

I used to love the ritual of getting my daily dose of caffeine from a coffee shop, but when the pandemic hit, I decided to bring the whole operation in-house. Espresso maker, milk frother, coffee bean grinder, French press. And yet, it wasn’t until I got a YETI coffee mug that my setup truly reached the zenith. It’s not an overstatement when I say that it’s completely changed my coffee drinking experience. So what makes the YETI Rambler coffee mug so worth the price tag? Here’s my in-depth, unfiltered review — and yes, it covers a range of different mug sizes and styles from the Rambler line because my YETI obsession (and growing collection) has no bounds.

Is The YETI Coffee Mug Worth It?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes, and it should be noted that I’m not usually the kind of person to shell out top-dollar simply for a name or label. The YETI Rambler 10-ounce mug was my first foray into the world of double-wall vacuum insulation, and it immediately proved that I’d been drinking coffee wrong this whole time. With the YETI, my coffee stays hot for hours on end, completely eradicating the need to reheat. And I’ve put that insulation to the test: I’ve left a full mug in my car for over an hour — in Wisconsin winter temperatures — and come back to enjoy still-warm sips. (That said, if you’re looking for a mug with the absolute most heat-retention on the planet, I’d probably recommend the Zojirushi — which my partner has and swears by — but in my opinion, it keeps liquids almost too hot and I burn my mouth.)

The Yeti Rambler 10-Ounce Mug

Why Is YETI So Popular?

This YETI Rambler mug feels substantial in your hand and comes with a nice handle. (Regardless of the latest mug designs out there, I still crave a handle for slow sipping and general ruminating while I work.) I also appreciate that the MagSlider lid makes it easy to carry without any splashing or spillage when I’m on the move. However, it’s important to note that the size of the mug isn’t compatible with cup holders. I considered buying a nifty cup holder expander designed to accommodate the Rambler, but I ultimately decided to just spring for the Yeti Rambler 20-ounce tumbler for travel (but more on that later).

In terms of cleanup, there’s no fuss. I just pop it into the dishwasher, and that fact alone is why this mug is my go-to over other brands that might have an aesthetic leg up. (I love the look and feel of my Fellow Carter Everywhere mug but, real talk, it tends to sit unwashed in my sink because I’m too lazy to keep up with the hand-wash instructions.) In contrast, the YETI has endured literally hundreds of spins through the dishwasher to date and is holding up beautifully. The rubber gasket around the lid (which is designed to keep the lid firmly in place) is going strong, and there are barely any chips to the pretty powder coating around the cup.

I will say that the only place where the YETI falls short is in its leakproof-ness. While its sturdy, stainless steel construction makes it less likely to tip over in the first place, there will be some leakage if you happen to drop or knock it. I have a small coffee stain on my living room rug to prove it. (If you’re in need of complete coverage, and don’t mind a little hand washing, I would recommend the aforementioned Fellow Carter mug because of the twist-lock lid.)

If you’re liking the sound of the YETI 10-ounce mug but need a larger capacity, there’s a Rambler waiting for you. The large, né giant, 14-ounce size is perfect for when you need a serious amount of caffeine to see you through.

The YETI Rambler 14-Ounce Mug

I keep this lumberjack size in my arsenal for when I want extra-frothy lattes because it can accommodate the foamy milk without overflowing. The downsides to this mug behemoth? It is heavy and a bit cumbersome to drink out, and again, definitely not cup-holder-approved.

Of course, no YETI review would be complete without talking about the brand’s most beloved mug around: the YETI Rambler 20-ounce Tumbler. Many people find that this is their go-to mug, period — just look at that near-perfect Amazon star rating it has after more than 25,000 reviews.

For me personally, since the Rambler Tumbler doesn’t have a handle, I tend to use this one exclusively for taking coffee on the road. It effortlessly fits into my cup holder and the MagSlider lid keeps coffee in place over speed bumps or patchy roads. It has all the same features I love about the 10-ounce stackable mug (dishwasher-safe, durable coating, great heat retention), but in a car-friendly package. To quote my partner, who steals this mug from me for his own travels, this mug is “essential” for long drives.

The Yeti Rambler 20-Ounce Tumbler

By this point, my family loyalty to YETI is probably abundantly clear, but, as one more example of how YETI converts skeptics into loyalists, I present: my dad. This man is the opposite of a coffee snob, routinely drinking ground Folgers without complaint. I gave him the YETI 10-ounce mug for Christmas and now he takes it with him everywhere. When I asked him what he likes about it, he said, “It’s simple. It keeps your coffee hot. Like a Thermos but in a mug.” It’s the best gift I’ve ever given him. Solidifying favorite-child status? Maybe.