You Probably Didn't Realize These Common Problems Are So Cheap & Easy To Fix

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a concierge sitting at your house, like you’d have at fancy hotel, so that when a problem came up, you could just call out into the other room and get someone to fix it for you? Or maybe a better idea would be to have a problem fairy (kind of like the tooth fairy); you could write down your issue on a slip of paper and put it under your pillow, and magically the solution would appear in the morning. Well, neither of those scenarios can be a reality, but luckily, many common problems are actually easy to fix and inexpensive, too. You just need a little know-how.

Check out this list and you’ll see there’s no need to despair just because you don’t have a staff at your beck and call or magical spirit ready to wave her wand. You really can do it yourself, with a little help from a few of these genius problem-solving products on Amazon. They’ll empower you to knock out your to-do list in no time flat, without breaking the bank.


Problem: Your Colander Takes Up Too Much Cupboard Space

Solution: These Colanders That Collapse For Compact Storage

Colanders are notorious storage space hogs in the kitchen, taking up tons of room in your cabinets. This challenge is extra problematic for anyone with small urban galley kitchens, RVs, or any other cramped space. These BPA-free colanders collapse to just 2 inches high, so you can even slide them in a drawer. Ultra-durable, they’re heat-resistant to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher-safe for easy care. Each set comes with two.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Not Enough Space To Plug Everything In

Solution: A Pivoting Surge Protector That Lies Flat Against The Wall

When you need more outlets to plug in your electronics and appliances, but don’t want a clunky extension cord laying on your floor, this on-wall surge protector is your best bet. It lies flush against your wall outlet and has six outlets that pivot a full 90 degrees to provide maximum flexibility for big chargers and for plugging in from any direction.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Your Fruits & Vegetables Go Bad Too Fast

Solution: These Containers Prolong The Life Of Your Produce

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of your daily diet, but it’s so aggravating when they go bad in your refrigerator before you can eat them. These produce savers from trusted brand Rubbermaid are specially designed to prolong the life of fresh produce, as the elevated bottoms and specially engineered lid filters help promote airflow. They’re BPA-free and clean up easily in the dishwasher.

  • Available sets: 8


Problem: Your Nails Are Chipped & Peeling

Solution: A Fan-Favorite Cuticle Oil That’s Ultra-Nourishing

Whether it’s from working outside in the elements or constant hand washing, it’s easy to end up with dry, brittle nails and raggedy cuticles. This highly rated milk and honey cuticle oil is formulated with vitamin E, milk extract, honey extract, and a blend of natural oils to deeply nourish and strengthen nails and cuticles, helping to prevent chipping and peeling. The scent of this salon-quality blend is heavenly, too.


Problem: An Overstuffed Closet

Solution: These Pants Hangers That Hold Up To 4 Items Each

When your closet is so stuffed with clothes that you can’t see what you have, you need these space-saving hangers that help you condense multiple items to create some much-needed room. Each hanger holds up to four items, and the strong chrome-plated clips are coated in rubber to keep clothes from slipping down.


Problem: Your Back Hurts After Working A Long Day

Solution: This Lumbar Cushion Made From Supportive Memory Foam

Sitting in front of a computer all day may not be hard physical labor, but it sure can be hard on your back. Made from memory foam, this lumbar support cushion is ergonomically contoured to cradle your back and align your spine. It comes with a breathable cover to ensure you stay cool — just throw the cover in the wash for easy cleaning.

  • Available styles: 3


Problem: Not Enough Storage Space For Clothes Or Linens

Solution: The Vacuum Storage Bags That Compress Your Stuff By 80%

Maybe you want to store your off-season clothes or perhaps you want to put away some extra towels and sheets because your linen closet is overflowing — either way, storage space can be hard to come by. These vacuum storage bags reduce the amount of space your stuff takes up by 80%, making it easy to stash items out of the way. These bags also keep your items safe from moisture, mildew, and pests like moths.

  • Available sets: 5


Problem: Crumbs Dropping Through The Space Between Your Stove & Counter

Solution: These Gap Covers That Help Keep Your Kitchen Floor Clean

You know that little gap between your stove and your countertop? It’s a favorite place for pests in your kitchen, because crumbs tend to fall down there while you’re preparing foods. Send the bugs elsewhere when you close up that space with these stove gap covers. Made from heat-resistant silicone, they cover that gap, so you can keep that space clean and food-free. They’re easy to customize to your countertop with household scissors.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


Problem: Using Disposable Cotton Rounds To Remove Makeup

Solution: A Set Of Washable Rounds That Can Be Reused

Those single-use cotton makeup rounds are so handy, but they’re expensive and not great for the environment. There’s a way to get the utility they provide while being eco-friendly at the same time: these reusable bamboo-cotton rounds. Highly rated, these thick 3-inch rounds can be placed in the included laundry bag when it’s time to wash them.


Problem: Jam-Packed Dresser Drawers

Solution: A Hanging Closet Organizer For Sweaters, Hats & More

Not enough dresser drawer space? This hanging closet organizer solves that problem quickly and easily. It has five shelves for storing all kinds of items, including sweaters (which you don’t want to store on hangers as they can stretch out) and purses (which you want to keep from getting crumpled). It also features mesh pockets on the sides for other accessories like scarves, belts, and more.

  • Available colors: 4


Problem: You Like Snacking In Bed, But Sometimes You Spill

Solution: This Mattress Protector That’s Waterproof

Made with a cozy cotton-terry plush top that’s comfy and breathable, this waterproof mattress topper ensures that your mattress is protected from any spills that may result from enjoying a glass of wine while reading in bed. With extra-deep 18-inch pockets, it accommodates even the most oversized mattresses, and it’s noiseless and smooth under your sheets.

  • Available sizes: 10


Problem: Your Heels Are Cracked & Dry

Solution: These Foot Peel Masks That Soften Your Skin

Whether you work on your feet all day or you’ve just been neglecting them, your heels and toes deserve some love. Made with natural ingredients and botanicals, this foot peel mask deeply exfoliates skin and repairs cracked heels. Just wear them like socks for about an hour, then dead skin will slough off gently over the course of the next two weeks.


Problem: Walls That Are Marred By Tiny Nail Holes

Solution: This Repair Kit That Makes Those Holes Disappear Like Magic

When you rearrange your art and photos, decide to set up a gallery wall, or move out of your apartment, you may find yourself staring at those tiny but annoying nail holes. Don’t lose your security deposit or drive yourself crazy over them — get this small hole repair kit from trusted brand 3M that includes everything you need to fix them. The kit includes a spackling compound with primer mixed right in, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and a sanding pad; just add a little elbow grease to finish the job.


Problem: You’re Spending Too Much Money Going Out For Drinks

Solution: A Shaker Set That Lets You Whip Up Your Favorite Cocktails At Home

If you’re spending too much on drinks when you’re hanging out with friends and coworkers, take the party home instead and whip up your own adult beverages with this cocktail shaker set. Crafted from stainless steel with a gorgeous matte finish, the set includes a double jigger, a muddler, a bottle opener, and a couple of bottle pourers in addition to the shaker itself.


Problem: Rain & Wind Keep Extinguishing Your Lighter

Solution: The Rechargeable Plasma Lighter That Stands Up To Weather

Engineered to light your flames using electric plasma arc technology, this lighter is wind- and moisture-resistant to provide a reliable source of fire both indoors and out. The extra-long neck enables you to light grills and fire pits with ease, keeping your hands and fingers safely away from the heat. It recharges via the included USB cord, so you can use it over and over again.


Problem: Hard Water Stains Are Building Up In Your Coffee Maker

Solution: These Tablets That Descale The Machine

If hard water is a problem in your area, you may find that it not only affects your bathroom fixtures and shower, but it affects your coffee maker too, even changing the taste of your favorite morning brew. These coffee maker cleaning tablets give your machine a thorough refresh, ridding it of hard water and mineral buildup simply by running it through one cycle.


Problem: Hair That Gets Totally Frizzy When It’s Humid

Solution: The Spray That Smooths Your Strands

If you’d rather not have frizzy hair when the weather turns humid, this extra hold anti-humidity spray will help seal the cuticle, so that it looks smooth and shiny instead. Ideal for use while styling with heat, it holds without damage and leaves hair with a natural look. With a light, pleasant scent, it’s suitable for use on all hair textures.


Problem: Your Drinks Just Won’t Stay The Right Temperature

Solution: These Insulated Tumblers That Keeps Drinks Cold Or Hot

Whether you’re trying to keep your cold beverages cold or your hot beverages hot, this set of insulated tumblers is just the ticket. They’re made from stainless steel and feature double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction to ensure that your beverages stay at the right temperature. They come with eco-friendly stainless steel straws for extra convenience.

  • Available sizes: 18


Problem: You Love To Bake, But Keep Burning Your Forearms

Solution: These Extra-Long Oven Mitts That Offer Extra Protection

I love to cook and bake, and I have the scars to show it, including one on my right forearm that could have been prevented if I’d only had these extra-long oven mitts. Made with heat-resistant silicone, they’re designed to offer protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and feature soft, quilted lining for added comfort during use.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 13


Problem: Sponges That Get A Moldy Smell

Solution: The Silicone Scrubbers That Are Odor-Resistant

Normal everyday sponges smell sour and mildewy after you’ve been using them for a while since they’re actually getting moldy from being wet so much. Made from silicone, these scrubbers dry quickly and are mold- and mildew-resistant, so they won’t ever get that odor — in fact, they leave behind a faint peach scent. They’re tough enough to use on your lasagna pan but gentle enough to use on fine china.


Problem: Hair Keeps Clogging Your Sink Drain

Solution: This Hair Catcher That Keeps Your Drains Clear

Clogged drains are such a bummer — trying to break them up with chemicals is a hit-or-miss solution, and if you have to call out a plumber, you’d better be ready to break out those credit cards. This sink drain protector works to prevent clogs instead; it collects hair — that common clog culprit — and prevents it from becoming a problem in the first place. Just pull out the SinkShroom to remove and throw away the hair when it’s full.


Problem: Skin That’s Irritated & Itchy

Solution: A Rich Prebiotic Balm That Nourishes & Soothes

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and boy, is it easy to tell that when it’s irritated and inflamed. This itch relief balm from trusted brand Aveeno is packed with prebiotic oat concentrate as well as aloe, pro-vitamin B5, and an external analgesic to relieve itch, heal skin, and deeply moisturize. You’ll get calm, deeply hydrated skin with consistent use.


Problem: You Love Using Herbs, But Chopping Is Tedious

Solution: These Scissors That Make Preparing Fresh Herbs So Easy

Fresh herbs add so much to savory dishes, but they can be a pain to prep. With five stainless steel blades that whip through grassy herbs in an instant, these kitchen scissors speed up your cooking time without the need for fancy knife skills. Made from stainless steel with cushioned, ergonomic handles, these scissors are easy to use and clean up quickly, too.

  • Available colors: 6


Problem: You’d Like Indoor Accent Lighting But Don’t Want To Rewire

Solution: This Wireless Under-Cabinet Puck Light That’s Budget-Friendly

Accent lighting in bookcases and under kitchen cabinets looks so attractive and adds a lot of dimension to a room. It used to be very expensive, requiring wiring that you’d certainly want an electrician to install, but now you can get this under-cabinet puck light on the cheap. The wireless light attaches to any flat surface using the included heavy-duty adhesive or screws, while the warm white LEDs cast an attractive glow.


Problem: Hard Water Stains Are All Over Your Shower

Solution: A Commercial-Strength Stain Remover That Earns Rave Reviews

Whenever you really need a solution, it’s always smart to check out what the Amazon reviewer community has to say about your problem, and this hard water stain remover has earned plenty of five-star ratings. It doesn’t matter what kind of stain you have or what surface you’re looking to treat (shower, tub, faucet), you’ll find this formulation works well: “2 words: PURE MAGIC!” wrote one five-star reviewer.


Problem: Slippery Entryways Caused By Rain & Snow

Solution: This Absorbent Doormat That Soaks Up That Moisture

When it’s raining, snowing, or icy, it’s easy to get small spots of standing water in your entryway that can be hazardous and also harmful to your flooring. This absorbent indoor doormat will catch that extra moisture and prevent it from becoming a problem. It’s backed with an anti-skid material that will help it stay put, and it’s machine-washable for easy care.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


Problem: Your Jackets & Sweaters Have Shoulder Horns

Solution: The Wide-Shoulder Hangers That Won’t Stretch Out Material

If you hang sweaters or jackets on plastic or wire hangers, you’re bound to stretch out the shoulders. These wide-shoulder wooden hangers are a better choice, as the rounded design mimics the shape of actual shoulders. Plus, the gorgeous wood will upgrade the look of any closet. Choose from sets of six and 10.


Problem: Dry Goods Go Stale Too Quickly

Solution: The Airtight Containers That Keep Them Fresh Longer

Great for storing staples like pasta, oats, lentils, beans, and more, these airtight food storage containers keep your dry goods and staples fresh longer — and they look so good while they’re doing it, too. These sturdy, transparent design lets you see how much is left inside, and the strong rubber seals lock out air. The containers come with labels and a chalkboard marker.

  • Available sets: 4


Problem: Not Enough Countertop Space

Solution: This Multi-Tier Shelf That Fits Right In The Corner

Made from renewable bamboo, this corner shelf helps you make the most of scant counter space in the kitchen or bathroom. With three shelves, the unit can be used for extra storage or for display, and it can be used inside your cabinets, too.


Problem: Pimples Are Taking Forever To Clear Up

Solution: These Patches That Help Protect Them While They Heal

Talk about a one-two punch: These acne patches are crafted from super-thin hydrocolloid that you apply right over a pimple to pull out the oils and harmful bacteria — but at the same time, they protect blemishes from germs and pollution, which may help speed up healing time. The patches are completely translucent and can even be worn under makeup; when they turn white, you know they’ve done their job.


Problem: You’re Constantly Juggling Your Phone, Debit Card & Cash

Solution: A Wallet That Adheres Right To Your Smartphone

When you go out, you don’t always want to carry a whole bunch of stuff with you, which is why this cell phone wallet is such a great idea. It adheres directly to the back of your smartphone and features four card slots plus a transparent window for your ID. Available in four colors, it’s also a great way to save space in small purses.

  • Available colors: 4


Problem: Chairs Legs That Scratch Your Wood Floors

Solution: These Chair Leg Covers With Soft Felt Bottoms

When you move kitchen or dining room chairs, they can make costly scratches on your beautiful wood floors. These silicone chair leg covers can be placed on those chair legs, and feature felt bottoms that glide — friction-free — across your wood floors without any scratching whatsoever. The silicone stretches to fit any size or shape of chair leg.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 5


Problem: Craning Your Neck To Look At Your Laptop Leaves You Sore

Solution: A Laptop Stand That Elevates The Screen To Eye Level

Staring down at your laptop all day can cause neck strain and headaches, but this laptop stand raises your computer to eye level for a more comfortable, ergonomic work setup — and it boasts a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating. Made from sturdy aluminum alloy, it supports up to 22 pounds and has large rubber pads to hold your laptop in place.

  • Available colors: 7


Problem: Allergies & Digital Screens Irritate Your Eyes

Solution: The Eye Masks That Soothe With Steam

Whether your eyes are red and itchy from allergies, or just dry and tired from staring at screens all day, these steam eye masks can offer relief — and you don’t even need a microwave to use them. Just open the package and apply over your eyes, and they’ll release steam that provides lots of comfort and hydration. Choose from lavender, chamomile, and unscented options.

  • Available scents: 3


Problem: You Never Have The Right Socket Tool

Solution: This Universal Socket Tool That Works With Most Nuts, Bolts & Screws

You’ll never have the wrong tool when it comes to fasteners once you have this universal socket tool that makes short work of nuts, bolts, and screws. The hardened steel pins in the adapter enable it to conform to the fastener at hand, so you don’t have to dig through a toolbox (or buy any new tools). It also comes with an adapter to turn your drill into a power socket driver.


Problem: Water Bottles That Are Impossible To Clean

Solution: These Brushes That Get Into Tight Spaces

So many of us use refillable water bottles, which is great for the environment, but they can be a pain to get clean. These BPA-free bottle cleaning brushes make short work of not just water bottles, but also bottles with narrow necks like oil and vinegar cruets, baby bottles, vases, and many other common and hard-to-clean housewares.


Problem: Bugs Are A Constant Annoyance Outside (Or In)

Solution: The Rechargeable Bug Zapper Shaped Like A Racquet

If mosquitos and other biting insects are ruining your enjoyment of the great outdoors, put your old tennis skills to work and get this rechargeable bug zapper that’s designed like a sports racquet. Simply swat away those bothersome bugs with a jolt of electricity generated from within the triple-layer safety mesh. A built-in super-bright LED helps you see what you’re doing, and it recharges via USB with the included cable.

  • Available sizes: 3


Problem: Mold & Mildew Is Building Up Around Your Kitchen Sink

Solution: This Backsplash Mat That Absorb Standing Water

When you wash dishes, water inevitably splashes up into that tiny space behind your kitchen sink, and if you’re not absolutely obsessive about cleaning, it can turn into mold and mildew. Don’t worry bother with taking a toothbrush to scrub it — just keep standing water at bay with this sink backsplash mat. It’s super absorbent, so the area dries quickly.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Your Shoes Are Making Your Feet Sweaty

Solution: These Terry Cotton Insoles That Keep Feet Dry

If scorching temperatures or non-breathable shoes make your feet extra sweaty, these soft and comfortable terry cotton insoles are for you. Suitable for use both with and without socks, they absorb perspiration and increase breathability. The insoles can be trimmed to an exact fit, and the thin design won’t add weight or bulk to your shoe.

  • Available sizes: 14
  • Available colors: 2


Problem: It’s So Windy, Your Umbrella Flips Inside Out

Solution: An Umbrella That’s Totally Windproof

Engineered with a vented double canopy, this windproof umbrella is the ally you need on your side when the weather turns stormy and the breeze kicks up. It features a simple one-button operation, a nonslip handle, and sturdy fiberglass shaft. Opt for a neutral like black or navy, or go for something bright like sky blue or cherry red.

  • Available colors: 15