You Probably Didn't Realize These Eyesores Around Your House Can Easily Be Fixed For Under $35

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Written by Julie Peck
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You’re bound to notice some eyesores around your home from time to time. For example, maybe you’re waiting for water to boil in the kitchen and realize there’s grease splattered on the wall behind the stove. Or maybe you’re Netflix marathoning and for the first time, you truly see that tangled nest of cords next to the entertainment center for what it is: a hot mess. Whatever the case, those nagging eyesores — and so many more — can be eradicated with these clever home fixes that won’t break the bank.

With just a few bucks, you can totally transform a space using things like fillable paint brush pens to spiff up your walls or a storage ottoman to quickly conceal clutter and provide extra seating for guests. So get ready to kiss those unwelcome home eyesores goodbye — these foolproof fixes are here to save the day.


Eyesore: Scratched-Up Wooden Furniture

Fix: This Repair Kit That Conceals Imperfections

If you have wooden furniture in your house — whether it’s of the heirloom variety or sourced from garage and estate sales — chances are it has a few marks and scratches. With this furniture repair kit, you can hide nicks and scratches with markers and crayons that match the tone of your wood, making your pieces look brand new.


Eyesore: Cords Snaking All Over The Place

Fix: The Cable Sleeve That Neatens Things Up

This expandable sleeve wraps around your cords and keeps them neat while also hiding them from curious pets and babies. Available in a variety of colors, this cord protector sleeve can accommodate just a couple cables, or expand to fit a small collection. Use it in your home office, by your TV, or anywhere else you have a nest of cords.

  • Available sizes: 14
  • Available colors: 3


Eyesore: Drawers Overflowing With Clothes

Fix: These Storage Bags That Slide Under Your Bed

If your closets and drawers are overflowing, you might want to invest in these under-bed storage bags that will make your life so much easier. Each one has a clear zippered top for easy viewing of contents, and the side handles make them easy to pull out. They’re ideal for storing off-season clothing as well as extra towels and linens.

  • Available colors: 3


Eyesore: Cleaning Tools That Constantly Fall Over

Fix: These Holders That Mount To The Wall

Designed to install in just minutes thanks to double-sided adhesive, these broom holders are a quick and easy way to to get your cleaning and yard tools up and off the ground — helpful if your collection is leaned up against a wall and constantly falling over. Anything with a handle is fair game for this four-pack of hooks, including your umbrella as you come in the door in the evening.


Eyesore: A Giant Drying Rack In The Middle Of A Room

Fix: A 3-Tier Rack That Hangs Over A Door

Drying your sweaters and delicates on a drying rack set smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen or laundry room can be a real pain — it takes up a lot of space and doesn’t look great. This over-the-door drying rack is an out-of-the-way solution that uses space more efficiently. It features three tiers of mesh platforms that allow air to circulate, and collapses down to almost flat when not in use.


Eyesore: Kitchen Walls Ruined By Grease Splashes From Frying

Solution: This Splatter Screen That Protects Your Walls — & You

Bacon, fried chicken, and stir fry are all delicious, but preparing them can be so messy once the oil goes flying. This splatter screen, puts a lid on all that; made from fine steel mesh, it blocks oil droplets but allows steam to escape. The handle is designed to stay cool to the touch while you cook, so it’s easy to work with.


Eyesore: Rips & Holes In Carpet & Upholstery

Fix: This Repair Kit That Doesn’t Require Sewing

This repair kit is the solution to burns, holes, and tears in your carpet and upholstery. The kit includes everything you need for repairs, like backing mesh and fabric, glue, a spatula, tweezers, and mix-and-match mending fibers that’ll make patches blend in perfectly. One reviewer wrote, “After my puppy decided the living room rug was a chew toy, I decided to give this a try before pitching the rug. Boy am I glad I did!”


Eyesore: Stained, Crusty Refrigerator Shelves

Fix: These Liners That Are Easy To Wipe Clean

When your fridge is a mess, your whole life can feel messy — and scrubbing those shelves is no picnic. These refrigerator liners protect your shelves from spills and gunk and are much easier to wipe clean. Made from foam, they also promote air circulation to keep your foods fresh.


Eyesore: Cluttered Kitchen Counters

Fix: These Over-Door Pantry Organizers For Snacks & Condiments

Do you aspire to clutter-free kitchen counters? This two-pack of over-door pantry organizers is a great way to start. Each one has 24 pockets that can hold spices, condiments, sauces — even cleaning products. Use it to organize snacks for your kids, too (with the healthy snacks at the bottom and the special treats at the top where they can be parent-approved).


Eyesore: A Dirty Entryway Floor

Fix: This Doormat That Traps Debris Like A Pro

Made from durable, waterproof material, this doormat features tough fibers and a diamond mesh pattern that traps the mud, dirt, debris, and moisture from your shoes before you step inside. Available in two sizes and a range of colors, it’s easy to clean, too — just spray it with your hose.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 7


Eyesore: Dull & Hazy Granite Countertops

Fix: This Purpose-Made Cleaner That Adds A Sheen

Regular surface cleaners can leave a dull haze on granite countertops, but this granite cleaner is specially formulated for the job. With a special pH-neutral formulation, it removes everything from globs of lasagna to the remnants of the cookies you’ve just rolled out, while also conditioning the surface and leaving it in top shape. The best part? It’ll leave behind a shiny, mirror-like finish.


Eyesore: Marks & Scratches On Your Walls

Fix: These Fillable Paint Pens For Quick Touch-Ups

Maybe it’s a smudge that your sofa made on the wall when you moved in, or maybe it’s marker drawings your 6-year-old gifted you with — whatever the case, these fillable paint brush pens can help cover imperfections. You fill them with your own paint, so it matches the wall exactly, and the brush tip makes it easy to apply. It’s like concealer for your walls, and so easy to use.


Eyesore: Clothes Stuffed In Your Closet

Fix: These Skirt Hangers That Give You Back Some Space

An overstuffed closet is not only an eyesore, it’s bad for your clothes — when they’re stuffed in there, they get wrinkled so fast. These skirt hangers help you organize your closet, and since each one has room for four garments, they create more space on your closet rod, too. Use them for skirts, pants, workout apparel, and much more.


Eyesore: Wood Cutting Boards That Are Cracked & Dry

Fix: This Mineral Oil That Conditions Wood

If your cutting board is dry, cracked, and worse for the wear, try using some of this cutting board oil. The food-grade mineral oil hydrates and conditions wood while preventing future cracks. Apply it with a rag every three months to keep your boards and butcher blocks in top shape.


Eyesore: Living Room Clutter

Fix: This Storage Ottoman For Miscellaneous Items

This storage ottoman is perhaps the most clutch item on the list — especially in the case of unannounced visitors. You can easily tidy your house simply by stuffing all your miscellaneous items inside, then popping on the lid. Plus, this genius item doubles as a footrest as well as extra seating for guests.


Eyesore: Extra Toilet Paper Sitting Out In The Open

Fix: The Toiler Paper Holder That Fits Right In The Corner

Running out of toilet paper is the worst, but leaving it out in the open doesn’t do your bathroom any aesthetic favors. This toilet paper organizer is the solution to those problems. Sleek and simple, it has room for up to three spare rolls and comes in seven colors.

  • Available colors: 7


Eyesore: Shoes Scattered All Over Your House

Fix: This Shoe Organizer That Hangs Over A Door

It can be tempting to just leave your shoes wherever you kick them off in the house, especially if storing them in a big heap on the closet floor is the alternative. Keep things tidy and protect your shoes with this over-door shoe organizer. It has room for 12 pairs, and the clear pockets make it easy to see what you have.

  • Available colors: 3


Eyesore: A Sofa With Stains & Rips

Fix: This Fan-Favorite Slipcover That Stretches To Fit

If your sofa has seen better days, this slipcover is a quick and easy solution to spiffing it up in a hurry. Crafted from a polyester-spandex blend, it’s ultra-soft and stretchy, so you’ll get a snug, seamless fit. This machine-washable slipcover is also a great way to protect your couch from your furry best friends.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 36


Eyesore: Butter In Its Original Store Packaging

Solution: A Butter Dish That’s Stylish & Functional

Don’t bring butter to the table or leave it out on the counter in its own packaging when you can place the stick in this sleek and modern butter dish. It’s crafted from renewable bamboo and can hold both square butter and longer sticks. Available in three colors, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

  • Available colors: 3


Eyesore: Smelly Pet Stains On Floors & Walls

Solution: This UV Flashlight That Detects Invisible Odors

This one isn’t as much of an eyesore as it is a “nose-sore” — i.e., the unpleasant odors four-legged friends leave behind. No matter how nice your home is, those smells can ruin the whole ambience. Hunt them down with this UV flashlight that reveals splashes and stains on floors, furniture, and walls, then clean them up with an enzymatic stain remover formulated for pet accidents.


Eyesore: Stains On Your Linens & Carpet

Fix: This Stain Remover That Works On Even The Toughest Spots

A commercial-grade formulation that’s still gentle, this stain remover is the perfect choice for both new stains and old, set-in stains. The biodegradable, pH-neutral formula is safe to use on clothes, furniture, carpet, and car upholstery, and is free of perfumes, dyes, and common allergens. Tuck one in your glove compartment and keep the other in your medicine cabinet.


Eyesore: Rust On Your Grill & Outdoor Furniture

Fix: This Spray-On Gel That Dissolves Corrosion

Entertaining outside is fun, but rust on your grill and outdoor furniture can really ruin the look of your space. No problem — just get this rust dissolver to clean things up. The gel spray dissolves light to medium rust stains in 30 minutes or less, then protects surfaces from corrosion for up to 12 months. Try it on tools and other rusty surfaces, too.


Eyesore: A Pantry Filled With Products In Store Packaging

Fix: These Glass Canisters That Create A Coordinated Look

Leaving all of your staples and dry goods in their original packaging makes your pantry look jumbled and disorganized. A simple, quick way to get an enviable pantry is to store your items in these glass canisters instead. You can always see what you have and how much, and the airtight, stainless steel lids keep your foods fresh.


Eyesore: Letting Under-Bed Storage Show

Fix: This Bed Skirt That Hides Everything

Made from durable microfiber, this bed skirt is the perfect way to give your bedroom a “finished” look while hiding all the stuff you’re storing underneath your bed. It features a traditional box-pleat design and is machine-washable for easy maintenance.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 7


Eyesore: Kitchen Appliances That Look Dated

Fix: This Stainless Steel Peel & Stick Wrap

If you’ve been slowly upgrading and updating your kitchen to stainless steel but have that one appliance — or two — that you just haven’t been able to replace yet, try this peel-and-stick stainless steel wrap. It can be trimmed to size and applies easily by just peeling away the backing. One reviewer wrote that it’s a “great way to make your fridge look like a stainless steel fridge” and was “easy to install.”

  • Available sizes: 3


Eyesore: Chunky Power Strips Lying Around Everywhere

Fix: This Multi-Plug Outlet For Appliances & Devices

A bulky power strip can make spaces look utilitarian and cluttered. Opt for this on-wall outlet extender instead. Along with three USB ports in front for charging phones and tablets, it has sockets that are placed on all sides, making it easy to plug in from any direction (i.e., no more bent cords).


Eyesore: A Plastic Tub Of Ice At Your Dinner Party

Fix: An Elegant Stainless Steel & Bamboo Ice Bucket

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a backyard barbecue, you can dress things up with this double-wall insulated ice bucket. It’s made from sleek stainless steel with a bamboo lid for a touch of natural elegance. The flip-up handle makes it easy to carry, and the matching tongs can be stored in the slot on top of the lid.


Eyesore: Scratches On Wood Floors From Furniture

Fix: These Felt Furniture Pads That Are Soft On Floors

It’s so easy to scratch wood and laminate floors when you’re moving your furniture around, whether you’re repositioning a dresser or just pushing your kitchen chair back after dinner. These felt furniture pads are soft on floors to prevent marring, and adhere with strong adhesive backing. There’s a size in this selection to fit every piece of furniture in your house.


Eyesore: Papers & Office Supplies All Over Your Desk Or Counter

Solution: This Desk Organizer That Corrals Everything

Constructed from strong, scratch-resistant steel mesh, this desk organizer is a great way to turn the chaos of your home office into an orderly, calm space for working. Featuring five compartments and one sliding drawer, you can use it to store pens and pencils, important papers, and essential supplies, so everything will be ready for use when you sit down to work.


Eyesore: The Crumpled Bag Of Coffee Beans On The Counter

Fix: This Stainless Steel Container That Keeps Coffee Fresh

Not only does this stainless steel coffee container look sleek and stylish on your counter, but it keeps your coffee fresher for longer. For coffee connoisseurs, this one’s a must-have, as the ingenious construction is designed to regulate the amount of CO2 inside, helping to preserve flavor and freshness. It even comes with a matching scoop for easy measuring in the morning.


Eyesore: Remotes Scattered All Over Your Coffee Table

Fix: This Remote Holder That Mounts To The Wall

When you have a lot of electronics, you can end up with a lot of remotes on your coffee table — and they sure can look junky scattered there. This remote holder mounts to the wall and gives them a neat, organized home. It doesn’t require any hardware to install — just peel away the backing and stick on.

  • Available colors: 2


Eyesore: A Closet Packed With Wrapping Paper

Fix: This Organizer For Paper & Bows

My supply of wrapping paper seems to multiply because every time I try to remember if I have the appropriate paper, I just end up buying something new just to be safe. This wrapping organizer makes it a snap to get a handle on your supplies. The cylinder-shaped case can hold up to 18 rolls of paper, and an accompanying organizer holds ribbon, bows, and accessories.

  • Available colors: 4


Eyesore: A Bathroom Counter Cluttered With Cosmetics

Fix: This Makeup Holder That Organizes Everything

It can look like a hurricane hit after you’ve put your makeup on in the morning, but this cosmetics organizer helps you keep everything neat and tidy so that your whole bathroom gives off a more calming vibe. With special drawers and compartments, there’s a place for everything, and the transparent design lets you see what you have.


Eyesore: Old, Worn Out Throw Pillows

Fix: These Pillow Covers That Pep Up A Room Fast

If your old throw pillows are dragging down the vibe of your room, there’s an easy fix: these throw pillow covers. With a jacquard weave, these pillow covers are thick, plush, and machine-washable for easy care. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so you can find a set that fits your existing pillows

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: sizes: 18


Eyesore: An Underwear Drawer That’s A Jumbled Mess

Solution: These Drawer Organizers That Straighten Everything Out

The underwear drawer can be an Achilles’ heel for even the most organized people — it’s just too tempting to chuck the clean laundery in there and forget about it. Tidy things up with these underwear drawer organizers that have compartments for your panties, bras, socks, and other small items. The result? You can find what you’re looking for in an instant.


Eyesore: Food Storage Supplies Piled On Top Of Each Other

Fix: This 3-Tier Rack That Creates Neat Stacks

Putting away leftovers can become a hassle fast if your food wraps and storage bags are piled together in a disorganized heap. This storage box organizer puts those supplies in order so that they’re in the same place each time you reach for them. The three-shelf design is height-adjustable, so you can maximize space.

  • Available sizes: 4


Eyesore: A Crowded Kitchen Counter

Fix: This 3-Tier Corner Shelf That Gives You Back Some Space

If your kitchen counter is a collection of condiments and spices threatening to take over every last bit of space, you’ll want to check out this three-tier corner shelf. It fits neatly in the corner and offers vertical storage, which frees up space on the rest of your counter.

  • Available colors: 3


Eyesore: Bakeware Stored In A Lopsided Stack

Fix: This Rack That Holds Sheet Pans, Cutting Boards & More

A jumbled bunch of cookware doesn’t motivate anyone to cook or bake, but this bakeware rack gets everything from cookie pans to cutting boards organized and orderly, so you’ll be more excited about getting into the kitchen. Made from strong, high-gauge steel, it stands up to heavy items and the rubber feet protect the counter surface below.

  • Available finishes: 2


Eyesore: Leaving Your Cotton Swabs In The Original Packaging

Fix: These Canisters For Toiletries

Don’t leave your cotton swabs in that blue box — kick it up a notch and store them in one of these cotton swab holders. The set comes with four, and you’ll find that they’re also fantastic for cotton rounds, bath salts, and so much more. Made from thick, clear plastic, they’re completely transparent and come with a set of preprinted adhesive labels for your convenience.


Eyesore: Knotted-Up Jewelry All Over Your Bureau

Fix: This Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Keeps Everything Orderly & Untangled

You’ve invested a lot of money in your jewelry collection to just leave your earrings and necklaces scattered all over your bureau where they get all tangled up and knotted. This hanging jewelry organizer slips right over your closet rod and gives you a place to put everything. The transparent pockets keep everything separate while allowing for easy viewing.

  • Available colors: 7