Zoom Will Lift Its 40-Minute Time Limit For Your Virtual Thanksgiving

It'll last for a little over 24 hours.

MixMedia/E+/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is practically here and you already know that this year will be an interesting one. It's no secret that Zoom made life easier during the coronavirus pandemic. With so many of us making virtual holiday plans to see loved ones this year, Zoom is extending the 40-minute limit for a little over 24 hours so that you can squeeze in some extra quality time in with loved ones. Now that's certainly something to be thankful for.

Zoom has shaped much of how we communicate in 2020. This platform isn't just about telecommuting and attending class from home, though its helped make those areas of life more bearable. Social activities like happy hours, birthdays and more have all seen the likes of the FaceTime tool and while Zoom fatigue is real, it's done more good during these strange times.

Zoom video calls are usually capped at 40 minutes (those with Zoom fatigue rejoice), but with the first major holiday approaching, they’ve decided to drop the time limit so loved ones can get the most out of their socially distanced Thanksgiving. For those of you planning to only have to see family for those 40 minutes? Maybe don't show them this article.

The 40-minute limit will be lifted for all meetings globally from midnight ET on November 26 until 6 a.m. ET on November 27.

So what are you waiting for? Loads of ideas for hosting a Thanksgiving Zoom party are already out there. From recipe swaps to setting up a cool backdrop to making your whole Thanksgiving meal online with your friends, theres no shortage (other than being in person) of fun virtual excursions on this platform. Check out some cool tips for how to get the most out of your holiday that you now have unlimited time for —well, at least for more than 24 hours.