6 Tips For Hosting A Thanksgiving Party On Zoom This Year

It will be a virtual feast for the ages.

by Lauren Grant
Woman cooking for her Zoom Thanksgiving party
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The holiday season has officially kicked off and it’s bound to be a different one for the family albums. The COVID-19 pandemic has put restrictions on most of us when it comes to travel and seeing loved ones and Thanksgiving will be no exception. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still chow down with friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

You’re probably already used to having your work meetings, doctor’s appointments and even happy hour via Zoom, but how do you host a holiday gathering for the first time? While Thanksgiving is supposed to be the holiday of giving thanks to our loved ones, it usually gets a rep for having to deal with pesky relatives. Everyone at some point has had to explain things like why climate change is very real, why you’re still single and not to mention, your political stances and why Black lives do indeed, matter. However, this year you can rejoice because you won't have to see your racist Aunt Sally — in person at least.

So how exactly do you host the best Thanksgiving party on Zoom? Get ready to set up a virtual feast for the ages. Here’s a breakdown that you’ll want to gobble up.

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Step 1: Recipe Swap

One must prepare before just throwing down in the kitchen. Since we’re all making dishes on our own this year, spice things up by swapping recipes for your favorite side dishes with your guests a few days prior if you live close by. Need a good recipe to share? Try some of these unique dishes that’ll be sure to bring something new to the table.

Step 2: Cooking Together

Part of the festivities is gathering to prepare the food together. Prop up your tablet or laptop with a few of your loved ones and hunker down in the kitchen. New to cooking? Ask a friend or relative to give a virtual lesson.

Step 3: Prepare Your Backdrop & Table

You already know how to create the perfect Zoom backdrop for meetings but what about Thanksgiving? While the food is cooking in the oven break out the cornucopia and decorative leaves and give your guests and yourself something to really feast their eyes on.

Step 4: Get Grubbing

The best part of Thanksgiving is literally here! A good host always makes a toast before digging in so be sure to grab a few ideas and include your guests by asking what everyone is thankful for. Serve your plate and sit down with your mates for your virtual feast. Make conversation fun and interesting by sharing your favorite Turkey Day jokes and memories. Just try not to get any gravy on your laptop from laughing too hard.

Step 5: Game Time

What’s Thanksgiving without some games? Numerous family virtual gaming websites have popped up since the pandemic first began. From Uno to Jackbox games, you may start the night giving thanks and end it with some angst.

Step 6: End The Evening With A Festive Film

Assuming you haven’t made any enemies during game time, finish off your Thanksgiving feast with a movie. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is always a classic, but if you’re officially over the holiday by this point, nothing wrong with throwing on a Christmas film to usher in the next big holiday!