10 Affordable Items From The goop x CB2 Home Line That Are Also Just Really Cute


If you've ever dreamed of having Gwyneth Paltrow decorate your home, your dreams are about to become a reality... kind of. Paltrow teamed up with CB2 for a new goop x CB2 home line, and you're going to swoon over the products. Taking inspiration from her own favorite furniture pieces, goop partnered with CB2 to create a furniture line that has a large range of affordability and also clear constant: chicness.

Every single item in the furniture line is artful, elegant, timeless and smart. But also surprisingly minimal, modern and futuristic. Basically exactly what you'd expect coming from Paltrow's fashionable sensibility. Some items like a velvet millennial pink curved sofa will cost you a few thousand dollars, but other items, like a floor pillow poof and classy thin-stemmed wine glass set are much more affordable. But that's probably what you expected right? When you think of goop you probably think of the vast variation in tastes — from low-key rustic to high-key luxury. The furniture line is a perfect reflection of that expanse.

Here, I've put together a list of some of the more affordable pieces in the collection. If you'd like to see the whole range, head to CB2 to check it out. Even if you can't afford the pieces, they sure are pretty to look at.

Wall Sconce

Leggero Pole Wall Sconce


This dramatic sconce is great for a bedside light, or a subtle living room accent. It's elegant and subtle. Opting for a sconce instead of a floor lamp clears up floor space and allows the room to feel more open. Plus, sconces are chic and adult and make a space look more like a home as they're more of a permanent fixture than a floor lamp.

Side Table

Avorio Side Table


This smooth stone-like cement table is part art, part the most chic cup holder you've ever seen. It's more of an accent piece than a utility piece, but the surface is definitely large enough to place a small plant, remote, cups, books, or even a small floral arrangement.


4-Piece Chelsea Place Setting


The most gorgeous breakfast place setting you ever did see, this fine bone china set will really elevate your cereal game. This set is begging for a brunch party.

Wine Glasses

Blanco And Tinto Wine Glasses


These skinny-stemmed and thin-rimmed wine classes are very adult. And though they look delicate, they're dishwasher safe.


5-Piece Primrose Hill Shiny Silver Flatware Set


If you didn't know that flatware could be cute, now you do. Each piece is debossed with a different floral pattern and each set includes five pieces.


Belsize Park Butterfly Linen Napkin


These napkins might look too pretty to actually use, and honestly they might be because they're dry clean only. Use them to spruce up your table scape but do not serve them with messy foods.

Firewood Holder

Firewood Tote

If your fireplace is worth splurging on, this chic firewood tote is made out of high end leather and stainless steel and will last a lifetime. And while it serves a utility, it's so expertly crafted that it adds a nice rustic aesthetic to any room.

Egg Stand

Egg Stand


If you're hosting a brunch and want to impress your friends, this egg stand will do the trick. Perfect for displaying and enjoying soft boiled eggs, this classic piece is timeless and chic. Plus, they're all the rage in England.

Glass Bowls

Wilton Glass Bowls


You can use these gorgeous glass bowls to display fruit and veggies, to serve family-style dishes or even to prepare food in. And even though they are artisanal and hand crafted in Poland, they're durable and dishwasher safe.

Decorative Floor Pillow

Sedona Small Zafu Pillow


This Japanese-inspired 100 percent linen floor pillow is perfect for casual hangs. You can collect a few or use one as an alternative seating option in your living room area or bedroom.

Correction: The headline and body of this story have been updated to better reflect the nature of the collaboration between goop and CB2.