10 Playlists That Will Energize You While You Get Ready For Work

For most people, getting up for work in the morning is a challenge more difficult than winning The Hunger Games. What I've learned, is that the playlists you listen to while you get ready for work make all of the difference. You might think you need to start the day with some smooth, easy listening, but what you really need are high energy jams that get your blood going.

If you blast a Beyoncé song first thing in the morning, you're going hop out of bed with enough energy to take on the day. You're not going to sit there, resisting the beat and swag, while you cradle your phone. You're going to want to throw the covers off your body and take over the world. That's how you should feel everyday! But the truth is we feel differently each day. Sometimes, some of us wake up with crippling anxiety, sometimes some of us wake up with dread, and sometimes some of us wake up exhausted at the sheer amount there is to accomplish during the day. So there isn't just one, universal workweek morning playlist. That's why I've put together this list of a variety of different playlists for the variety of different ways you might wake up on any given morning.

When You Need To Be A Badass In The Office

If you've got a big meeting or presentation coming up, you'll need to psych yourself up for it with these powerhouse jams. Listening to this kind of music will make you feel like the diva you are inside. Go into the office and slay.

When You're Terrified About Your Performance Review

Sometimes it's hard to tell how you're doing at work. The uncertainty can really haunt you and make it hard to get excited about going to work. No matter what you learn about your performance during a review, it's not a final judgment on what kind of professional you are. There's always room to improve and adjust your performance and you can totally handle it.

When You Need To Be Reminded That There's More To Life

If you don't love your job, you can find a new one. If you think you've chosen the wrong career path, you can choose a new one. Work is important, but it's not everything. This adventure playlist will remind you that there's so much else out there, and you're never stuck.

When You've Forgotten Why You Do What You Do

Sometimes it's hard to keep the big picture in frame when we're so focused on the little things. If you're waking up with a place to be and a job that affords you to live at least a semi adult life, you're already winning. If you want more than what you're currently working towards, remember the sky's the limit and you can always try something new.

When You Need A Reminder That Friday Is Coming

Friday is just a state of mind. Every day can be Friday if you add some positive funk into your schedule. Dance your way through a Tuesday with these pop jams and you'll find to mojo to finally make it to happy hour with your co-workers.

When You Have To Defend Yourself To Your Boss

Speaking up to a superior requires some serious confidence, even when you know you're in the right. These tunes will help you to feel empowered, brave, and bold so that you can walk into the office ready to stand tall.

When You Just Don't Have The Energy

We all have those mornings where we open our eyes and the first thing we think is "nope". This is the mix you need to gently wake you up and get you in the groove when it feels like gravity is against you.

When You Seriously Deserve A Raise

Talking to your boss about a raise can be awkward, and in a perfect world, we'd be offered raises before we even realized we deserved them. Listening to this mix of money-forward hype music will help you get into a headspace that makes the conversation a lot less awkward. Well, for you at least.

When You Want To Dress The Part

If you woke up feeling like you really want to dress the part of a boss, listen to these pump up glam jams and make it happen. Wear that power suit!

When You Need To Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

When you've messed up at work, it can be hard to face your mistakes. But the reality is that everyone messes up at work at least a few times. So find it in yourself to forgive yourself. Jam out to a screw up anthem and put it behind you. You're only human!