10 Books That Weren't Appreciated When They First Came Out

No one likes getting a bad review. You work hard to create a thing, whether it's a painting or a novel or a fancy quiche, in the hopes that someone, somewhere will appreciate all of the blood and sweat and cheese that went into it. And... you don't always get the response that you're looking for. We've all all been there. But if you're feeling a little under appreciated, then you're in some pretty good company: quite a few books that we now consider great works of literature where completely panned back in the day. Here are several books that weren't appreciated when they first came out.

Of course, many, many brilliant books, from Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter, were initially rejected by publishers. But some books were still scoffed at even after they made it onto bookstore shelves. They sold poorly, confused everyone, and received scathing reviews from major newspapers. Some of the classics we now consider widely over-read and overrated were once scrappy little novels in search of readers.

So, the next time you feel like the world just doesn't appreciate you, pick up one of these books, and remind yourself that genius isn't always understood right away: