10 Free Apps All Dog Owners Should Download On Their Phones

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

OK, dog people, I have a question for ya. Who's out here trying to win dog parent of the year? If all of your hands aren't raised, then you're officially fired from Club Dog, because any sensible dog lover should be aiming for the stars as far as their pup parenting skills go. If pleasing your pupper is goal number one at all times, let me introduce you to even more ways to do so. Because of course, there's an app for that. In fact, there are actually lots of apps for dog owners that will not only make your life easier, but will also help to keep your pup healthy and happy.

Having a dog is low-key a full time job, and don't we only allow smart phones to rule our lives and turn our brains to mush in exchange for complete and utter convenience? That said, why not try some apps designed for dogs and see if they can't make your dog parenting life a little easier? Whether your goal is to find pet-friendly destinations, track your dog walks, or even just perfect your dog selfie game, there are tons of options — and we happened to put together a few that are totally free.

Here are some free apps that will make you the best dog parent ever. No excuse to not download all of these babies right now and start preparing your acceptance speech for entrance into the dog parent hall of fame.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is a must have for all dog parents — keeping your doggo healthy and happy is priority #1, after all! This app, offered by the American Red Cross, offers legit veterinary advice for all kinds of everyday emergencies that could occur. It's not a replacement for veterinary care of any sort, let it be known — you should still contact your emergency vet first-thing if there's an issue — but it can help guide you in what to do in a multitude of situations, plus offer advice on things like behavior, administering medicine easily, and more.


Ever have a question about your dog's health, training, nutrition, or anything else and don't feel like swimming through thousands of Google search results? PetCoach lets you go straight to an expert with your questions, as it offers 24 hour access to certified veterinarians, dog trainers, animal nutritionists, and other experts who are there to give you advice any time of the day or night.

Pet Care Services Finder

If you're looking for resources for your dog — whether it's a vet, a pet supply store, a dog park, a groomer, or any other service — Pet Care Services Finder helps you find everything available near you, offering up contact information on a wide variety of services as well as the distance they are from your location. You'll be armed with info wherever you go, and can call businesses straight from the app.


Never go on vacay without your doggo again! BringFido lets you live the dream by offering up a comprehensive list of pet-friendly hotels (as well as other destinations that are dog-friendly, like parks and restaurants) so you can plan a full vacation with your pup and not have to worry about deep-searching the internet for a place that will allow your fur baby to stay by your side.

Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive Dog Walk is a super handy app that uses your phone's built-in GPS to track your daily dog walks. Not only is this great for tracking both your and your dog's activity during the day, but it also allows you to keep track of your favorite routes, mark where your pup went poo or pee, and share photos in real time if you're on a particular pretty path that you want to remember for next time (or share with other users!).


We get it: Most dog parents are also stage parents. If your pup has his own social media accounts and is trying to get his career as an Instagram model off the ground, BarkCam is made for you. It's designed specifically to help you take better photos of your dog by getting their attention and making sure they're looking at the camera and engaging. A dream come true.


Give your doggo the gift of chill using the relaxation tunes offered by RelaxMyDog, all of which are designed specifically for pups. The high-pitched frequency behind the soothing melodies (which humans can't detect) can allegedly help dogs by soothing anxiety, promoting sleep and calmness, and helping them adjust to new surroundings.

Squeaky Toy Sounds

Bring your dog the sheer bliss of a non-stop squeaky toy virtual-style with the Squeaky Toy Sounds app. The sounds can be used to distract a pup who's acting out or barking at something, and can easily grab their attention. The sounds can also be incorporated into dog training.

Dog Translator

Every dog person legit wishes they could understand what their dog is saying to them in human-speak. This is a safe, dog-obsessed space, so no need to deny it. Dog Translator makes your dreams come true by offering a dog-to-English translation system where you record your pup's barks in real time to find out what they're saying. The app does list a disclaimer noting that it's intended for entertainment purposes only, but I'd still say it's a must have.

Finding Rover

No one even wants to imagine their beloved pup going missing, but if you're going to be dog parent extraordinaire, you should be prepared for any scenario. Finding Rover uses potentially life-saving facial recognition technology to make a profile on your dog on the chance that he or she ever goes MIA. It can also be used in reverse, so if you came across a stray or lost pup, you could upload their photo in hopes of connecting them with their family again.