12 Sustainable Dog Toys Under $20 That Your Pup & The Planet Will Appreciate

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Our canine friends deserve the best of the best when it comes to their quality of life, and as conscious pup guardians, we do our diligence and make sure we're feeding them healthy food, providing them with the best vet care, and giving them more than enough TLC. But as with all things — from our workday coffee runs to our workout gear — it's important that we're keeping up with the times and also considering the impact that our purchases have on the planet. That's why choosing environmentally sustainable dog toys that are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials is super important! Not only are these products usually healthier for dogs, they're also so much better for the environment. And while tweaking our daily habits to be more eco-friendly here and there is great, we can also do our part by investing in more sustainable products every time we shop.

Thankfully, as companies become more aware of environmental issues, sustainable and pup-approved dog toys are becoming way more accessible. Here are a few eco-friendly choices that you can score for your furry BFF for under $20.

High Roller Plus Dog Ball

See that hole in the center of this roller? That's where you're supposed to insert a treat — which pretty much guarantees your dog's undivided attention. This durable roller is made in the USA out of post-process recycled materials. Extra bonus? It also floats, so you can use it as a water toy, too.

Duraplush BrewGear Dog Toy

Whether you're a beer, soda, or coffee person, this toy will speak to you — and more importantly, your dog will likely love it regardless of which design you opt for. These plushies are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon and filled with recycled material made from plastic bottles.

Sancho & Lola's Closet Plush Dog Toys With Squeaker

These cute (and squeaky!) crocodile-shaped toys are eco-friendly and made with natural hemp. Plus, the company notes that five percent of its proceeds go toward animal rescues, which is super sweet and gives you an extra reason to purchase.

BecoBall: The Eco-Friendly Dog Ball

What's a game of fetch without an eco-friendly ball? This one's made from all-natural rice husk rubber and is non-toxic. The rice husk is sourced sustainably, and also eliminates the need for plastic fillers. It's also highly bouncy and durable, so your pup can go wild with it.

Duraplush Pride Bone

How cute is this? Show your pride and be kind to the planet by giving your pup this rainbow-adorned soft toy. Again, this plush toy feature a totally recyclable filling made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and is double-stitched for extra durability.

Pup Treads Dog Tires

These miniature natural rubber tires are made from recycled materials, making them a very eco-friendly choice. Plus, they're a fun deviation from your average ball-shaped toy, and can apparently survive through even the most aggressive chewing sessions from your pup.

S-S-Stretch Snake Toy

These adorable lil' snakes come in a variety of sizes and fabric patterns, so you can pick one your dog will love. And rest assured, both the fabric and filler is made from recycled materials.

Old Shoe Dog Toy

You know your dog just loooves chewing on shoes, so why not get him one of his own? This clever, non-toxic toy is made with recycled cotton stuffing and a canvas exterior, making it both durable and sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Dog Ball On a Rope

Gotta love a rope toy! This eco-friendly playtime staple is tough and durable. The rope is made from 100 percent cotton, while the non-toxic rubber is made from sustainably-sourced rice husks.

Garden Fresh Plush Toys

Adorable toy alert. These fruit-shaped plushies are stuffed with an eco-friendly filler made from 100 percent post-consumer, certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. They're also colored with AZO-free dyes, making them safer for doggos, too. The individual toys range in price from $8.50 to $13.50, but if you buy them as a full set you'll save $8.

Eco Owl Buddies

These cute stuffed owl toys are fully non-toxic and made from a 100 percent natural and sustainable hemp canvas fabric. This company specializes in eco-friendly toys and guarantees satisfaction for your pup.

Flat Tire Flyer

No dog toy list could be complete without a flying disc. Representative of a doggo's dream date in the park, these are a sustainable version of the classic toy. Also made with post-consumer recycled materials, these are built to last, and can be used in water, too (they float!).