10 Memes About The First Day Of Summer You'll Definitely Relate To

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After a long winter and a very chilly spring, there was a time in the past few months that, I'm sure, many of us wondered if summer would ever arrive. But just as we started to lose hope, the temperatures pulled it together just in time for the first day of summer. And now, it actually finally feels like summer — the vibe has arrived! To celebrate the big day, which falls on Jun. 21 in 2018, I've pulled together some funny first day of summer memes — because the change of season offers some very #relatable content. The world has got a lot of mixed feelings about the warmest season.

There's so much excitement leading up to summer: school is ending, summer Fridays are beginning, the beaches are opening, the temperatures are rising, and adventures are presenting themselves. There's a very strong, summer vibe in the air.

We all have this love/hate relationship with the season which leaves a lot of room for some funny memes. We've all gone back and forth with feeling blessed to be in the best season of the year and curse to be forced to live in a fiery hell. Here are some of the funniest memes that best depict that struggle we all have with summer:

When Summer Is Happening Somewhere Outside Of Your Office

There's really nothing worse than being stuck at work when everyone else is outside, enjoying the weather, swimming in the ocean and living their best life. Photoshopping yourself into a beach scene might be the closest you get to the beach until you finish your work. Oh, adulting.

Summer Break Reality

You start out so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the beginning of your summer break. The summer is your oyster and you're going to live life to the fullest! But by the end of the summer, you're sunburnt, exhausted, and so detached from your regular programming that you don't know how to get back to it.

The Blanket Dilemma

When it's too hot to suffocate under the blanket, but you feel so unsafe and uncomfortable without a blanket. Why hasn't someone invented a cooling blanket yet?!

Dog Beach Is Life

Personally, my favorite thing about summer is seeing dogs being their best selves at the beach. It's like the epitome of canine happiness.

Is It Beach Time Yet?

We've been waiting for the weather to warm up for so long, we almost forgot what we were waiting for. Alas! The sweaty temperatures are here and it is most certainly beach season!

All Of Us

It's easy to get excited for warm weather when it's cold out. But once those temperatures go past that sweet spot and head into that humid hell zone, winter starts looking good again. Thank goodness for air conditioning and icy drinks.

Summer IRL


When you make all of these epic outdoor plans for the summer but then end up getting a little too comfortable inside with the air conditioning and your Netflix account.

When It's Too Hot To Live

Meme Gen

Every summer comes with a stretch of time that's filled with inhumane temperatures, aka a heatwave. People walk around like they've just arrived in hell, and being outside is just about the least desirable thing you've done since the dead of winter. At least the shared experience makes for good memes.

A Great Idea

Meme LOL

*Adds indoor pool chair gaming device to Amazon cart*

True Story


I always get so excited to go sunbathing, but after a few minutes in the sun I think my insides are drying out, and I'm sweating to death. I don't understand how people on TV always look so comfortable and relaxed while they're frying under the summer sun. Isn't their skin sizzling? Isn't it epically boring?