10 Funny Valentines Day 2019 Memes For Single Folks That Are Too Real

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As someone who has spent most Valentine's Day single, I can admit that it's a weird holiday to weather alone. No matter how glad you are to be single, the social perception of the holiday seems to leave you out which can make you feel weird when you don't have to. Valentine's Day often forgets to give singles content to connect to that's ~actually~ relatable. Not all single people are sitting at home crying over a box of chocolate on Valentine's Day. If you know just how true this is because you have no plans of shedding any tears this year, you'll appreciate these funny Valentine's Day 2019 memes for singles. Because if the greeting cards must exclude us, at least we can have memes. At least we have the community of the internet to provide us with content that actually feels authentic.

The holiday of love stirs up a lot of emotions for people of all relationship statuses. If Vday brings up old ghosts that make you sad, or makes you feel lonely, that's valid and real. But it's not the same experience for all of us. Some of us are doing just fine on Valentine's Day and don't want to be made to feel like we should be sad or should feel left out. No matter how you feel about the holiday, and no matter how you celebrate (or don't), these memes will make you feel #seen.

I'm Fine With That

screenhumor on Twitter

I don't know about you, I'd take a burrito over a hand any day. Honestly, this meme should be reversed.

Expiration Date

buzzfeeduk on Twitter

Um, obviously pour yourself a glass of milk, dunk some cookies in it and call it a double date.


popsugartech on Twitter

Ex who? X Box!


ceralion73 on Twitter

That's one way to call a spade a spade!

Here We Go...

abiratchford on Twitter

Get ready for your social feeds to be completely taken over with Vday memes, just like the pharmacies are taken over with candy.

It's Just A Date

valentinedayweb on Twitter

You don't have to buy into the date if you don't want to. It's not a federal holiday. If you don't want to observe February 14 as a special day, skip it!

Hans Solo

2006_jonas on Twitter

Is there anyone more badass than Hans Solo? Makes the word "solo" seem pretty desirable.

I'm Fine

buzzfeedoz on Twitter

If you really like to stand out in a photo, pose with all of your coupled up friends.

Self Love

jessiepaege on Twitter

If we could all love ourselves even a fraction as much as Kanye loves Kanye, we'd all have dry eyes on Valentine's Day.

Thank U, Next

elanicindia on Twitter

If you hate writing thank you cards (I do), getting nothing is actually pretty great. It's all the way you look at it. Perspective is everything!