10 Gifts Every '90s Girl Bought For Her BFF


Teens today may think they invented squad goals, but '90s kids know the truth — we were the original squad goals. Being BFFs in the '90s was like winning the lottery, because the entire decade was filled with bestie-friendly fads, trends, and behaviors. We doted on each other with the gifts every '90s girl bought for her BFF, because the decade made it so easy to do so. In all actuality, if you bought any of these gifts for your '90s BFF today, they'd still be a big hit, proving that A) friendships like the ones we fostered in the '90s never get old and B) '90s girls still have impeccable style.

If you're anything like me, then essentially all of your favorite '90s memories revolve around your bestie. Thick as proverbial thieves, you did everything together, from roaming around the mall to getting matching stick-on tattoos from the gumball machine. No wonder you were always on the hunt for the perfect gift to give her — she made an entire decade of your life shine, so she deserved all the doting you could dole out.

Join me in revisiting a few of the classic '90s gifts we bought for our BFFs back then, and don't hesitate to jot 'em down if you're looking for an ideal gift for the best '90s kid in your life right now.

1. A BFF "Broken" Heart Necklace

'Cause, hello, your heart was only ever really whole when the two of you were together.

2. An Assortment of Lip Smackers

Like the good friend you were, you made sure her Lip Smackers collection stayed fully stocked with all of her favorite "flavors."

3. Bath & Body Works Lotion

If one sniff of Sun-Ripened Raspberry or Cucumber Melon doesn't bring back some of the best memories of your life, you may have done the '90s wrong.

4. Hit Clips

How else was she going to listen to *NSync and Britney Spears on (teeny-tiny) loop?

5. Something from Lisa Frank

Any '90s BFF worth her salt knew that neon kittens and glittery, rainbow-riding unicorns were an unequivocal way to show someone you cared.

6. Polly Pocket

Today, kids have Shopkins. In our day, we had Polly Pocket, and helping to build your BFF's tiny collectible empire meant you were truly cared.

7. Hard Candy "Sky" Nail Polish

"Sky" by Hard Candy was the go-to nail color of '90s kids everywhere, and you couldn't have your bestie looking like she got left out of the loop, could you?

8. A Spice Girls Recording


The Spice Girls once sang, "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends." And although we have no idea what that really means, what we do know is that '90s girls loved listening to the Spice Girls, making one of this girl group's audio cassettes a gift to remember.

9. A Treasure Troll

Don't get us wrong — we know troll dolls were created well before the '90s. However, we became re-obsessed with them during our decade. Naturally, this meant gifting these bejewel-bellied dolls to our BFFs.

10. A Bottle of Perfume

Odds are good your bestie was either a Sunflowers girl or a CK One girl. Why? Because all '90s girls were either Sunflower girls or CK One girls.