Check Out These Seriously Hilarious Books Podcasts

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If you’re an avid reader with a lot of free listening time, you might want to try some book-themed podcasts. Maybe you have a long commute or you like to listen to something as you clean or do your hair. Or maybe you like to switch up your workout playlist with some book-related material (or a great female-led podcast). Plus, it can be nice to take a break from actually reading books, to listening to discussions about your favorite books.

Podcasts are the perfect solution: they’re free and just as entertaining as reading a new novel. There are tons of amazing podcasts out there that you can download at no cost, and so many of them have literary themes that combine book talk and humor. It turns out that lots of bookworms like to talk about their favorite series, and they’re taking over this medium in the best, most hilarious way. From ones that will make your TBR list expand, to author interviews, to general book discussions, there are plenty of humorous podcasts perfect for every bookworm. Here are a few to download right away, so you can fill that commute with more books.


Rebecca Romney and JP Romney love comedy, books, and history, and they combine these interests in their podcast Biblioclast. They've covered books from Frankenstein to A Wizard of Earthsea. You'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll be thinking about books the whole time.

Book Club For Masochists

A group of librarians pick a genre, read books from that genre that they think they don't like, and then talk about them in Book Club for Masochists. Their goal is to "[become] better library staff by reading books we hate!"

Book Fight!

Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister, both writers, describe their podcast as "conversations writers have at the bar, which is to say they’re both unflinchiningly honest and open to tangents, misdirection, general silliness."

Two Book Minimum

An author, a comedian/author, and a comedian talk books (and "leave dumber than when they started") in Two Book Minimum.

Dear Book Nerd

It's like Dear Abby, but in Dear Book Nerd all the questions are about books.

Literary Disco

In Literary Disco, Julia, Tod, and Rider (Rider Strong from Boy Meets World, naturally) discuss everything from books to short stories to what guest authors are reading at the moment.

The Readers

Described as "a book-based banter podcast," The Readers is basically a chat-show about books and the writer life.


Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting talk about books you seriously should've read by now in Overdue. Beware of spoilers.

Drunk Booksellers: The Podcast

Emma and Kim are professional booksellers and social drinkers. In Drunk Booksellers they interview booksellers and chat about what they're reading.... and what literary-themed drink they're sippin' on.

So Many Damn Books

Christopher and Drew release episodes of So Many Damn Books biweekly, and they discuss a little bit of everything in the world of literature and publishing.