10 Geeky Pi Day Items That Will Let You Embrace Your Inner Nerd


There may not be a more geeky holiday than Pi Day (March 13 AKA 3.14 AKA get it?). Whether you're in it for actual pie or you're embracing the day in all its geekdom, it's hard to deny how fun the day really is. If you want to get in the spirit, these 10 math themed clothing items will help you embrace everything about your inner nerd. From leggings to shirts to accessories, you'd be amazed just how much people love Pi Day, and if you're one of them, you're in luck.

People aren't the only ones invested in Pi Day, though. Brands are getting in on the action, too. Purveyor of adorable nerdy goods ModCloth doesn't just have an entire section dedicated to the holiday, but they're also having a 20 percent off Flash Sale to celebrate. Getting your math themed clothes for a discount makes shopping even better, right?

While Pi Day is definitely math-related, it's hard to deny the obvious desire to snag pizza pies and dessert pies on Mar. 14 with some food brands offering discounts in honor of the day. Of course, that means that your math-themed clothes aren't just limited to numbers. Grab those pie pieces because whether you're a math nerd or a major foodie, there's more than enough ways to celebrate.

If you want to celebrate via your style, these 10 math-themed pieces will help you get geeky in style. Plus, these items can be worn long after the holiday is over.



Women's Fitted Scoop Neck T-Shirt, $31.95, RedBubble

Are you in the STEM field? Are you a feminist? Then this Stem-inist t-shirt may just be the math-centric piece of apparel of your dreams.


We Have Pie

Come to Math Side We Have Pi, $23.95+, Chummy Tees/Etsy

A math joke meets a food joke. What's not to love about this shirt? Nothing if you love math and pi(e).



Velociraptor Long T-Shirt, $31.42, RedBubble

Who doesn't love a good dinosaur joke, right? This nerdy, math related humor is perfect for dino lovers everywhere.


Math Leggings

Fresh Take Leggings in Mathematics, $25, ModCloth

Cozy, casual, and cute? These math themed leggings are everything you could ever need in themed clothing. Whether you're wearing them to lounge in or wearing them out, they're basically perfect.


I Ate Some Pie

Eight Sum Pi Math Womens T-Shirt, $13.56, Signature T-Shirts/Etsy

Who doesn't love a good math meets pie pun? Answer: no one.


Sweet As Pi

Sweet as Pi Shirt, $27+, Laurel & Cotton/Etsy

Not only is this baseball style t-shirt cute, but how can you ever get enough of these adorable font with a pi joke?


Sine of the Times

Sine of the Times Graphic Pullover, $45, ModCloth

Just an ultra cozy pullover with a math theme. Nbd. Except total big deal because it's so cute.



Math Humor Women's Fitted Scoop T-shirt, $29.50, RedBubble

If there was an actual hippo involved in geometry, it would be so much better, right?


Pi Earrings

Pi As I May Earring Set, $17, ModCloth

Every version of pi (or pie) is represented in this earring set aka you need it in your life right now.


I Got 3.14 Problems

I Got 3.14 Problems But Pie Ain't One, $7.95, Thread Science Tees/Etsy

You won't have any problems with affordable graphic tee.

Whether you're just a casual Tt-shirt lover, an accessorizer, or you're obsessed with a good pair of leggings, there's more than enough Pi Day apparel to go around. The best news? These math-themed items don't just have to be worn on the holiday itself. You've got a collection of geeky goods that can be rocked year around. Now, it's just up to you to head to your internet browser, get your credit card out, and do some serious shopping.