10 Meditations That'll Help You Take Advantage Of The September New Moon's Positive Vibes

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On September 9th, you're probably going to notice an absence of light in the sky at night. This is the evening of the September 2018 New Moon. Because the moon will be almost in complete darkness, it will look like there's no moon at all. This part of the moon cycle has just as many spiritual meanings as something like a Full Moon, and should be celebrated as such. One popular ritual to partake in during something like this is meditating, and there are certain meditations that are better for the September new moon than others.

A new moon indicates a the beginning of the moon's cycle, and so for us, it generally means a time for new beginnings. Many believe that a new moon is the perfect time to reflect on old goals and set new ones, directing all of your energy towards starting something new and taking a step forward in achieving your goals. One way to tap into this kind of energy and to get a more clear idea of what you're looking for and what direction you want to go in next is to meditate.

Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind, get centered, and reduce anxiety and stress. As meditation helps you focus and quiet your mind, it also increases self-awareness, which is exactly what you want to do during this time fo the month. Luckily, you don't need to spend a lot of money to meditate, and you also don't need to be an expert to do it - the internet has plenty of resources available. Below are a few meditations that are ideal for the energy of September's new moon:


Guided New Moon Meditation

This guided meditation will help you think about what you really want to accomplish, while also allowing you to relax and let go of anxiety about it.


New Moon Deliberate Creation Meditation

This guided meditation was specifically created to help you manifest your desires, think about the new things you want to start, and focus on creation.


New Moon Lunar Chanting

At three hours, this is quite a long meditation, but it isn't guided. It consists of music and soothing sounds that will help you heal and get ready to start something new.


New Moon Manifestation Meditation

If you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to a new moon meditation, that's fine — this guided meditation is less than nine minutes long. It focuses on all of your feelings surrounding your desires and accomplishments.


New Moon Meditation

This guided meditation will help you focus on expressing gratitude in order to move forward, as well as think about your desires and figure out how to manifest them.


Setting Intentions Into Deep, Peaceful Sleep

This spoken guided meditation is an hour long, and it's meant to be listened to right before you fall asleep — in fact, it may help you fall asleep. The benefit is that you'll be hearing encouraging words while you're in a state of sleep, which can help you set intention when you're awake.


The Wish Fulfilling Miracle Tone

Ready to try to make your dreams come true? The soothing tones of this meditation will get you in a place where you can relax and focus on what you want in the future.


Powerful Abundance Meditation

This guided meditation helps you channel the energy you need to get through the new moon exactly the way you want to. It also helps you manifest your dreams and desires.


Confidence Meditation

Achieving your dreams and starting something new requires confidence in yourself. This guided meditation helps you get to a place where you can feel good about your choices.


Guided Meditation for Deep Positivity

Another part of manifestation is feeling positive. Meditation in general is good for that, but if you really want to increase positive energy, try this guided meditation.