This Month’s New Moon Is Going To Be Major For All Zodiac Signs — Here’s Why

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It might be the beginning of August, and the days might still be hot and humid, but it's hard to deny the end of summer feeling in the air. We're getting a little bit closer to the beginning of fall, and even though the temperature isn't going to change drastically within the next few weeks, there's still that vibe of seasons changing. Going from one season into another tends to make people ready for something fresh and new - and that's exactly why the August super new moon is coming at just the right time. The August super new moon has some spiritual meanings that are going to help you end your summer the right way.

The moon goes through phases as it orbits the Earth, and the new moon is first phase in a cycle, the first day of a new 29 day lunar month. As astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle, "The moon in astrology represents our emotions, feelings, inner nature, intuition, and our mother or mother figure, among other things." Mckean adds, "The cyclical nature of the moon, according to astrology, has an effect on our sense of environment around us and how we react to that environment accordingly."

That said, it makes sense that the biggest spiritual meaning of a new moon is that it makes us feel ready for something new. A new moon inspires us to start something different, make a change in our lives, and get rid of anything that wasn't serving us in the past. The new moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the next month or few months, write down all of your goals, and begin a new project.

This August super new moon also happens to be a partial solar eclipse. It's going to give us the energy we need to really finish whatever we were doing and welcome a new chapter into our lives. Forever Conscious reported, "Following this Leo Solar Eclipse, we may receive closure with things that have been brewing over the last few months, and we may also feel a little more energized or motivated to forge ahead." This solar eclipse is going to give us more clarity and illuminate the areas of our life that have felt confusing and frustrating. We're going to understand some important things, and therefore be able to forge ahead.

This partial solar eclipse and new moon are also happening during Mercury retrograde, which may throw things for a loop. While the new moon is going to make you want to start something new, Mercury retrograde may hold you back. In other words, this new moon is really about reflecting, closing the door on certain things in your path, and trying to get a better understanding of what is going to best serve you in the coming weeks and months.

As Forever Conscious reported, "It has been an intense time of self-reflection, and a time where the Universe has really allowed all the muck to rise to the surface in order to be cleared. The August Solar Eclipse is the last point in this cycle. It represents the rebirth, the end of one chapter and the start of a new one." That's probably the best kind of energy to channel at the end of the summer!