10 Memories From The '90s That Emotionally Scarred Us All For Life

Saved by the Bell/NBC Productions

We're obsessed with the '90s. Just look at all the things that made a comeback: Caboodles, Pokemon, Disney classics, high-waisted pants. At the same time, there are a number of memories from the '90s we wish we could forget. It was a daring decade, full of fashion no-nos and all kinds of bizarre behavior. We weren't afraid to think outside the box, which was probably why we chose to wear head-to-toe denim and chained our wallets to our pants. You can't blame us for trying to get creative.

I still argue the '90s was overshadowed by the positive, though. The decade gave us Titanic and ignited our love affair with Kate and Leo. We were introduced to some of the most witty and innovative song lyrics of all time, many of which we still sing to this day (read: Mmmbop, ba duba dop). We were part of the insane technology surge that started with beepers and flip phones the size of bricks, and never stopped its upward climb. How many generations can say that?

It wasn't all daisies and sunshine, though. We had our fair share of dark moments and humiliating mishaps. In case you somehow forgot, here they are. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

The Nicknames Our Classmates Gave Us

Godzilla. Bigfoot. Paul Bunyan. That's what they called me, because I was taller than most of the teachers. Kids say the cutest things.

Bowl Cuts

Just the words themselves makes me uncomfortable. Bowl cut. That's on par with "moist." Just don't say it.

Horrendous Fashion Faux Pas

Socks with sandals? Popcorn shirts? Overalls with one shoulder strap unstrapped? (WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT?) '90s fashion was iconic, alright — iconically embarrassing. This list does not include straw hats with giant flowers. Those were amazing.

Celebrity Crushes We Had

No part of you could resist taping magazine clippings of JTT all over your bedroom walls. Wasn't it so delicious the way he wore a backward baseball cap with a little tuft of hair poking out the front?

This isn't really an embarrassing memory. I just wanted an excuse to talk about him.

Farting In Your Sleep At A Slumber Party

I never did this, just so we're clear; but it happened to a friend of mine. Her friends laughed about it for days, and everyone at school found out. I faked sick a lot until they finally forgot about it. I mean... my friend faked sick. Heh.

Makeup Trends That Never Should've Happened

Caking on layer after layer of blue eyeshadow and frosted lipstick was the thing. These days, we've embraced a more natural look — or at the very least, a slightly less neon one.

Getting Picked Last For Dodgeball

Most people walked faster than you could run, and you threw like a four-year-old. Nobody wanted you on their team, and you just couldn't deal.

Fanny Packs

OK, I get that they're practical and convenient. But no. Just ... no. This is what purses are for.

Embarrassing Things You Wrote In Your Diary

You'd go on and on and on about your crush, and write horrifically mortifying love poetry; and then of course your brother or sister (or both of them, oh God) would read it and never let you hear the end of it. And then they'd tell everybody in their class and you begged your mom to transfer you to another school.

The Slang Words We Thought Were So Cool

Listen, I'm not saying all '90s slang was bad. I'm known to whip out a well-timed "As if!" even to this day; but I still can't understand what we were thinking with, "You ain't all that and a bag of chips."