Where To Donate Your Tax Refund This Year


Don’t panic, but taxes are due in less than two weeks. But while yes, the April 18 deadline is quickly approaching, that also means Tax Refund Day will be here soon as well — and although of course you're free to spend that sweet, sweet cash on yourself, you can also donate your tax refund to charity if you feel like being extra productive this year. Somewhere between six to eight weeks after you file, all your Tax Day panic will pay off, literally; you may as well put it to good use, right?

If you’ve put off doing your taxes, you are far from alone. In 2016, roughly one in seven people procrastinated doing taxes, filing them the week of Tax Day. Last year, the average tax refund was about $3,000. To put that number into perspective, that’s about 361 burritos at Chipotle (with guacamole, obviously). Or 715 cases of pamplemousse La Croix. Or 3,000 one dollar coffees from McDonald’s. As enticing and caffeinated as that all sounds, you’ll likely have some extra cash to put towards a good cause.

So, after you’ve satiated your inner La Croix demons or set away some extra cash in your savings, you can find a charity you care about and put the rest of your refund to good use. In the spirit of paying it forward, here are 10 organizations to donate to with your tax refund.

National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality is non-profit organization focused on social justice advocacy for transgender people in the United States. As the country’s leading trans advocacy organization, they’ve helped pass trans-inclusive federal legislation like a revision that allowed people to change the gender marker on their passports. To support the National Center for Transgender Equality, you can donate here.

Planned Parenthood

It's no secret that Planned Parenthood is at risk of losing funding under the current administration. The recent bill reenabling states to withhold funding from clinics like Planned Parenthood that provide abortion services has passed the Senate and is awaiting the signature of Trump. You can help make sure Planned Parenthood's doors stay open by donating to your local clinic or the donating to the Planned Parenthood action fund, which covers legal fees in the fight for reproductive rights.


Despite Sean Spicer recently calling them a "left wing blog," ProPublica is actually an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to nonpartisan investigative journalism. You have them to thank for this list of officials Trump has quietly instated. Donate to ProPublica here.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a non-profit dedicated to providing education, resources, and support to LGBTQ+ youth. A $120 donation covers the cost of one TrevorChat or TrevorText counselor's shift and helps provide lifesaving support to a kid who needs it. Donate to The Trevor Project here.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a legal organization "dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society." Through education, litigation, and advocacy, the SPLC is helping making equality for all a reality. Donate to the SPLC here.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America provide a space and resources for youth in need to help reach their full potential. One example of the Boys & Girls Clubs' impact is the 74 percent of members in middle and high school who say they earn mostly As and Bs, compared to 67 percent of youth overall. Donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs here.

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund is one of the country's leading centers for civil rights for people with disabilities. The organization is lead by individuals with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. Through legal advocacy, education, and public policy, DREDF is helping one of the largest minority groups in the United States. Donate to DREDF here.

EMILY's List

EMILY's List is helping more women get elected into office. By providing support to pro-choice, Democratic women candidates, EMILY's list is helping make government more progressive. Donate to EMILY's List here.


The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network is the country's largest organization dedicated to anti-sexual violence. RAINN provides services and counseling to victims of sexual crimes as well as education and resources to help shift policy and societal perceptions about sexual violence. Donate to RAINN here.

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

If global warming and those who deny its existence have you feeling some type of way, consider supporting the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund. In their own words, their goal is this: "Let scientists conduct research without the treat of politically motivated attacks." You can donate to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund here.