'90s Slang We Wish We Could Still Use

As much as many of us might love the '90s, some cultural relics of the decade just don't seem to hang on as well as others. Take, for example, many of the '90s slang phrases we used to say all the time — tons of it is definitely no longer in vogue. Perhaps that's for a good reason, though; sure, you technically can say whatever you want, but people will look at you funny if you bring back catchphrases that haven't been heard in over a decade. Still, though: It's not stopping many of us (me, for example) for wishing desperately we could still break out some of these classics.

What I think is particularly interesting about looking at trends in slang and word choice over the decades is that it so often is a reflection of the bigger picture of what was happening at the time. For example, in the '90s, a lot of our (now particularly outdated) language pertained to technology and communication, like telling someone to "beep you" or asking your BFF how to start a "three-way call" as a prank. Sure, we can still leave a message for someone, and still have a phone call with more than one other person on the line — but thanks to how much technology has developed since then, these phrases we used to use all the time are basically relics of the past.

In the mood to take a little trip down memory lane? These 10 examples of outdated '90s slang are sure to ring a bell... but don't blame me if you find yourself calling something cool "da bomb."


Answering A Reasonable Question With"Like, Duh"

You can still do this, but people might confuse you with a high schooler in a '90s romcom.


Asking Someone If They Left Their Phone "Off The Hook"

Remember when we used phones that were attached to the wall? And how we could leave them "off the hook" to avoid answering someone's calls? Asking if someone's cell phone is "off the hook" somehow doesn't have the same impact.


Calling Something "Da Bomb"

So middle school, but so good.


Yelling "Psych!" After A Prank

Nothing will bring you back to middle school faster than saying something sarcastic and then shouting "PSYCH!" before the other person responds.


Asking Someone What The "411" Is

People used to dial 411 to get information from the operator. Now, we use Google.


Saying "Ugh, As If" With An Eyeroll

In the '90s, answering "As if!" to an innocent question made you feel exactly like Cher Horowitz. Today, it will make you feel like everyone is starting at you.


Mumuring "Oh, Snap!" After A Diss

So dated, but so memorable.


Referring To Your Place As Your "Crib"

Our generation permanently associates someone's "crib" as their parent's house, circa the ninth grade. Let it rest!


Describing Someone As "Going Postal"

OK, on second though, this one should definitely stay in the past; its origins make it surprisingly offensive. Never mind.


Answering "Whatever" To A Valid Counterpoint

Bonus points for using the "W" hand signal.