10 Organizations To Donate To On National Women’s Equality Day That Are Fighting Discrimination

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In the U.S., Women's Equality Day celebrates the date that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed, in 1920. The amendment finally gave women the legal right to vote, in a small but significant step towards acknowledging the way women were and are considered unequal. Since Congress designated it as an official observational day in 1973, Women's Equality Day has taken place on Aug. 26, and is both a celebration of Women's Suffrage and the continuing fight for gender equality. To support the fight, one of the most important things anyone can do is find causes and places to donate to on National Women's Equality Day to both raise awareness and funds to actually make a difference.

Offering financial support to organizations the benefit women's rights not only helps to put gender inequality in the rear view mirror, but it also helps to preserve women's heritage. There are various political, educational, and social causes that you can support by making a small donation or by spreading the word. Here I've rounded up a few places that could use your support and awareness on this day, especially. While it's important to acknowledge how far women's rights have come in America, it's equally as important to acknowledge just how much farther they have to go. Together, our support can make a difference that will help to level the playing field and harmonize human rights.

Planned Parenthood

Supporting Planned Parenthood is supporting your future and the future of women everywhere. Making a contribution and standing with PP helps to ensure the safety and health of women around the world.



Though vitamin subscription service brand Ritual is not an charitable organization, they're putting on their non-for-profit hat in honor of National Women's Equality Day. The one-day campaign titled, “Make Your Self” supports equality amongst generations of women and will be donating all proceeds on Mon., Aug. 26 to Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code is an organization that offers technological engineering programs to all ages of girls to close the gap between gender skillset in this area. It helps to give young girls in computer sciences role models to look up to, support systems to keep them interested and excelling and future planning programs to ensure that they can get the same jobs their male peers are getting. By ordering yourself an essential vitamin plan, you can nurture yourself and the next generation of women all with one click.

National Organization For Women

A donation to NOW provides funding towards abortion rights, reproductive healthcare, equality for all races, genders, and LGBTQIA+ people. Additionally, your support will help to end the violence against women worldwide.

Global Fund For Women

Women's rights are human rights. A donation to the Global Fund for Women will go towards ensuring a safe, healthy, and equal future for young women around the world. Your support makes equality programs and resources available for women who need them the most.

The International Alliance Of Women

A donation to this international organization will support women's rights efforts and the overall empowerment of women of all ages, across the globe. The IAW has "general consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council" and is officially accredited to many specialized UN agencies, so you can trust your donation is going to be efficiently accounted for.

National Women's History Project

If you want to be a part of the women's rights movement, you'll want to donate to this supportive and proactive community. Check out their site to learn more about women's history and key influencers.

Association For Women's Rights In Development

A donation to this feminist organization will help to empower women to pursue equality and support the women who are already making great strides for the community.

The National Council Of Negro Women

A donation to the National Council of Negro Women will provide direct support for woman in the black community. This council helps to create equality within small communities and aims to inspire larger communities throughout the country.

The League Of Women Voters Of The United States

A donation to The League of Women Voters will allow the organization to engage women across the country on the voting process and their rights, encouraging more women to stand up for their rights and take advantage of their vote.

The Girl Scouts Of The United States

Donating to the Girl Scouts empowers young girls when they need the encouragement the most. This program helps young girls to grow up aware of their rights, inspired to pursue equality further and aware of themselves and their place in the world in a profound and important way.

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