10 Princess Leia Merch Pieces To Celebrate Carrie Fisher With

2016 has not been kind for many reasons, and unfortunately, the news of Carrie Fisher's tragic death only adds to the dumpster fire that is 2016. All of the actor's achievements both on screen and off should be celebrated in the wake of her death, but there's no question that her role as Princess Leia was her most iconic. These nine pieces of Princess Leia merch are a wonderful way to celebrate and remember her as Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars franchise. While Fisher was an outspoken advocate for mental health and an incredibly witty writer, for some she will always remain Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. To celebrate that fact alongside her other accomplishments is equally as valid a celebration of her life.

Fisher's death marks the loss of a legend, and a character who became the pinnacle of multi-dimensional representation of women in action-adventure most commonly reserved for men's starring roles. As Leia, Fisher stood with the men of the Star Wars franchise as their equal — some would even argue as their better. Her wit, vulnerability, strength, and heart as Leia made it clear that this was the role she was meant to play, and it's obvious why many also consider it to be her most iconic.

If you — like myself — want to celebrate the life of Carrie Fisher through her role as Leia Organa, these pieces of merch will be a great reminder of the role model both Leia and Fisher were.

1. Leia Beanie

Princess Leia Costume Beanie Crochet Hat, $24.99, QuirksofNature/Etsy

No one can deny the iconic image that are Leia's braided buns.

2. Leia Tote

Princess Leia Graphic Tote Bag, $19.95, Disney

Carry Leia's spirit everywhere.

3. Leia Earrings

Star Wars Princess Leia Laser Engraved Wood Earrings, $7.57, ImpactEngraving/Etsy

Subtle and cute.

4. Leia Bracelets

Princess Leia Bangle by Alex and Ani, $39.95, Disney

Not only are these bangles a great way to celebrate Fisher, but they're stylish, too.

5. Straight Outta Alderaan

Disney Shirt//Princess Leia Shirt//Straight Outta Alderaan, $22, MomLifeDesign/Etsy

Leia was famously from the planet Alderaan.

6. Leia Phone Case

Princess Leia as Senator Film Still Barely There iPhone 6 Case, $39.95, Disney

Cover your phone in Princess Leia.

7. Nerf Herder

Star Wars T-Shirt Han Solo Nerf Herder, $22.50, RealPeopleGoods/Etsy

Leia had many great lines, but one of the most iconic was when she called Han Solo a scruffy-looking nerf herder.

8. Rebel Sweatshirt

Unisex Rebel Princess Leia, $22.65, UNTD/Esty

Both Leia and Fisher were undeniable rebels.

9. Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater, $25, waycooltshirts/Etsy

The season may be over, but this Christmas sweater will be perfect for next year.

If you want to rep Princess Leia merchandise to honor and commemorate Carrie Fisher and her iconic role, do it. It was a role that spoke to many and meant so much to fans.

10. Happy Birthday Princess Leia Shirt

Graphic Tee, $23, etsy.com

Since Carrie Fisher never really liked her outfits from Star Wars, lets immortalize her in this badass power suit.

Images: Courtesy of brands