10 Witty Puns About Siblings For National Sibling Day To Use As Instagram Captions

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Having a sibling is a special experience — so, of course, there's a day dedicated to commemorating that, aka National Sibling Day. The national holiday falls on Apr. 10 each year, and is a great opportunity to remind your siblings that you don't take their love and friendship for granted. You can do so by dedicating a social media post to them, at the very least. If you and your siblings have a punny relationship, you're going to want to remember some puns about siblings to use as Instagram captions on National Sibling Day. After all, a great social media post is an ideal way to celebrate a national holiday such as this one, but a #TBT with your sibling will miss the mark if it doesn't include a great caption.

While of course a card or a phone call or even a dinner would be ideal, a social media post is a great alternative if you don't have time for anything else. After all, finding a social media post that's dedicated to you can totally evoke the feels, and it'll be the same for your siblings. And, lucky for you, the holiday falls on Wednesday, which in Instagram land means #waybackwednesday, so you've got a great excuse to post an old picture of you and your siblings anyway. So start rooting through your old picture files, find a cute one the represents your relationship with your siblings the most — preferably one that's not going to royally embarrass anyone because the last thing you want to do on this holiday is reignite an old fight by pushing your sibling's buttons. Something personable and nostalgic will be perfect to remind your siblings of the simpler times when you were younger. That's what the holiday is all about, being grateful for the people who you grew up with and who helped you become the person you are today, with the awesome memories that you have today.

Here are a few sibling-themed puns to get you started. Because I know how hard it can be to find a great caption, and sometimes the inability to find a great one ends up making you give up on the post altogether. But no picture will go unposted with these cute ideas, just pick the right one for your picture and get posting!

"Put On Your Sibling Cap"

Putting on your sibling cap is like putting on your thinking cap, but thinking like a sibling instead. Like when you'd try to guess the password to your sister's computer, and in order to do so you had to put on your sibling cap to properly guess what kind of password she'd choose.

"My Brother Half"

When your brother is literally your best friend and your other half.

"Every Cloud Has A Sister Lining"

This is perfect for if your sister knows how to turn any miserable situation into a tolerable, funny one. When you have a sister like this, you know you can call her whenever you have an issue and she'll help you see the light.

"Sister Act"

When you and your sister are a dream team and can do everything better together — and also have the kind of chemistry that makes everything you do an opportunity to be hilarious.

"Sibling Dynasty"

There's no sibling rivalry between you and your sibs, you're an unbreakable dynasty! It might seem like you fight a lot to other people, but that's just how you communicate! You're passionate people!

"The Family That Plays Together Stays Together"

I mean, you can pray with your family if you want, but playing will bond you just as tightly. When you share a lot of hobbies and pastimes and ideas of fun with your siblings, it's easy to have a good time together and find an excuse to hang.

"It Puns In The Family"

When an insatiable urge to always find a pun runs in your family and rules your family group text.

"Look Familiar?"

TFW you and your siblings pose for a picture together and realize that you all have the same face, despite how different you think you look.

"We Are Flesh And Bud"

When you're more than flesh and blood, you're flesh and major buds.

"Brotherly Love"

When you and your brother have a pretty hard time getting along, but love each other anyway — in your own way.