10 Self-Care Rituals That Will Help You Get Through Mercury Retrograde


On July 26, Mercury went retrograde for the second time in 2018. Mercury retrograde refers to the moment astronomical phenomenon when the planet Mercury changes course, and appears to be moving backwards from here on Earth. It isn't actually moving backwards, of course, but still - the change affects us all here on Earth. The planet Mercury represents communication, including how we think, process thoughts, and interact with others. It also rules our movements, travel, commutes, and transactions. Mercury retrograde often leads to a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings, which can be frustrating. That said, it doesn't have to be a terrible time in your life. There are ways to get through it, including some self-care rituals to try during Mercury retrograde that will make you feel a lot better.

Actually, putting a positive spin on Mercury retrograde is really the way to get through this period — harping on the negative is never going to do you any good. You're better off focusing on the good thing about Mercury retrograde, which is that it forces you to step back and reflect on yourself, your life, and the choices you've been making. Rather than starting anything new, or making big decisions, you'll want to think about how you got where you are, and go from there. That can be necessary sometimes!

Still, it can also be overwhelming, so you'll need to focus on taking care of yourself. To really make the most of Mercury retrograde, try the below self-care rituals.



During Mercury retrograde, you'll want to slow down and take a breather — and meditating is a great way to do that. Take 10 minutes out of each day to sit down, close your eyes, and reflect. The focus during meditation can help release feel-good hormones that will keep you in a good mood throughout the day, no matter what kind of energy tries to bring you down.



Mercury retrograde is really all about reflecting on your past. This isn't the time to start something new, it's the time to think about what you've been doing, to analyze your past decisions, and to work through anything that no longer serves you. Journaling is a great way to do that. Sit down for a few minutes each day and write out your thoughts as a way to properly reflect.


Take A Mini Staycation

If there were ever a time to take a break, Mercury retrograde would be it. If you're able to, call out sick from work for the day. Or, even better, take a few days off. Mercury retrograde isn't the best time to travel — mishaps can easily occur — so instead of going somewhere, just stay home and hang out. Sleep late, marathon Netflix, go for a solo beach trip, take a walk. The possibilities are endless, and it will leave you feeling so refreshed.


Spend Time Outside

Nature can offer a great space for reflection, and beyond that, being outside can be naturally healing for anything that's bothering you. Take 10 to 15 minutes out of each day to go for a walk. Consider taking a hike, depending on where you live. Or, if you don't want too much movement, simply sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that summer offers.


Clean Your Room

Again, Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to get rid of the things that no longer serve you — not just mentally, but physically as well. Use this time to do some organizing. Go through your bedroom and clean, getting rid of the things that are adding clutter to your life and have no positive value. You'll feel refreshed and ready for something new by the time the period is over.


Take A Bath

A bath can be a really relaxing way to shut your brain off and to simply be still and calm for a bit. Try to take a bath a few times a week during Mercury retrograde to really zen out and have time to reflect.


Do Yoga

With all of its emphasis on breathing correctly, yoga can be a soothing way to shut your mind off and pay more attention to your body. It's relaxing, but can also be invigorating, and can leave you feeling like your best self, especially during this delicate time period.


Get Extra Sleep

Sometimes during Mercury retrograde, we just need a total break. If you feel that way, then allow yourself to get some extra sleep. Set the alarm clock for a little bit later. Go to sleep earlier at night than you normally do. Take a nap during the day if possible. Don't beat yourself up for needing the extra shut-eye!


Try A Social Media Detox

Since Mercury retrograde can mess with communication, you want to avoid unnecessary confrontation or debate. We all know that social media, while often a blessing, can also be a curse. This night be the perfect time to take a detox from your accounts. Or, if that seems impossible, commit to going at least one hour a day without looking at a screen.



Yoga is great, but if you feel like you really need to do something to feel recharged, try something a little more intense. Go for a long run outside, do a heart-pumping cardio class, or try something like spin to really turn your mind off. It's a good way to improve your mood and clear your head.