5 Unexpected Ways Mercury Retrograde Is Going To Totally Mess With Your Life This Summer

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We tend to look at Mercury's retrograde as this recurring doomsday scenario, despite the fact that we've managed to weather through dozens of retrogrades without our personal lives imploding. So let's rethink the way we regard the planetary event. Things might be a little more difficult thanks to the Mercury retrograde this summer, but that doesn't mean our lives are about to become chaotic. It simply means things are about to get a little (more) complicated. But truly, it's nothing we can't handle.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication. In astrology and mythology, Mercury is known as the messenger to the gods. Our modern perception of Mercury's purpose is a bit more complex than just conversation. Modern astrologers see Mercury as the planet that not only inspires and influences conversation and our personal ability to express ourselves, but it also represents our ability to coordinate. To arrange a simple meeting between two individuals, we come to rely on all of Mercury's capabilities. We need to find the right words to initiate the meeting, rely on a formal series of communications to set the meeting, a lot of coordination to make the meeting actually happen, followed by more talking, more expressing, more planning, and then bookended with a follow-up.

Now, if you include more people in that meeting, that's more talking, more planning, more coordinating. So when you think about Mercury's effect and influence on an entire office, or friend group, or family, you see there's a lot of room for error during a time when Mercury's typical responsibilities are not functioning as per usual. But that doesn't mean we can't function without it. It just means that we have to try a little harder. Bustle spoke with astrologer Linda Furiate about the specific ways in which our lives might be complicated by Mercury's retrograde and here's what she predicts:

Energy Levels

According to Furiate, we might be feeling pretty tapped for energy in early August. The combination of erratic weather patterns and looming unfinished projects will make us feel pretty heavy and overwhelmed. An easy way to combat this slump is to start chipping away at small projects that we've neglected. Every small task we complete will help to replenish some energy and optimism in us.

Emails Will Be Wonky

"Computer glitches and misinterpretations are aplenty," during Mercury's retrograde, Furiate says. So you can expect to lose emails, to send them to the wrong person by accident, to get ones you weren't supposed to get, and to send off emails with bizarre spelling errors you never typically make. To avoid a major system meltdown, get in the habit of double-checking emails before sending them off. Make sure you got the sender's name right, make sure you didn't accidentally add the wrong link, make sure you've uploaded the right picture and keep your inbox as organized as possible.

Meetings Will Be Screwed Up

Furiate tells Bustle that any event that involves a lot of coordination is subject to disaster, basically. So just try to be flexible about your schedule for the next few weeks. Expect that meetings will be cancelled, rescheduled and delayed and leave room for all outcomes. Perhaps you want to avoid trying to coordinate a big group get together until retrograde is over. If there was ever a time for everyone to show up at different restaurants at different times, this is certainly it.

Ghosts Of Past Relationships Will Emerge

Retrograde is a good time for contemplation and working on yourself. For many people, this time of reflection will bring up old ghosts. If you hear from an ex-boyfriend or an old boss, don't be too surprised. You're bound to be on someone's mind that you haven't thought about in a while. Furiate also tells Bustle that we can expect our minds to wander into the past, too.

Old Ideas Will Seem New

On the same note of reflection, we might start to feel the weight of projects that have gone unfinished. This might then inspire us to finish things we thought were in the past. Maybe there's a book you always wanted to write but gave up on — expect those unwritten pages to haunt you during this retrograde. Suddenly old ideas that you thought had passed will be fresh again. Follow the inspiration and see where it takes you.