10 Signs WhatsApp Groups Are Taking Over Your Life & It's Actually Pretty Great

by Sagal Mohammed

Whoever says you can’t live your entire life through your phone has obviously never been in any WhatsApp groups. The popular instant messaging service seems to be the app that never goes out of fashion (besides Instagram, of course). Despite being around since 2009, the app is still a pivotal part of our daily lives and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes (all the time) it can take over my life completely. But hey, having WhatsApp groups take over your life is actually pretty great.

Whether you’re in a gazillion groups that constantly need checking (the FOMO can get seriously real otherwise) or in a “WhatsApp relationship” — which in other words means you’re flirting back and forth with the lucky few who made the cut on Bumble and successfully moved from your list of matches to your iPhone contacts — there’s always a reason to be glued to the app. Not least with Love Island now on our screens, which as any true fan knows, provokes a steady flow of WhatsApp conversation throughout the entire episode (pro tip: mute your notifications if you're missing the live show).

But when exactly does the time come to put your hands up and accept the obvious: you're a WhatsApp addict? I'm here to set the record straight with ten signs that automatically mean the app has officially taken over your life, whether you like it or not.


You'll Clear Your Phone Storage To Make Room For Yet Another WhatsApp Group

Never mind the fact that you're already in 25 different groups (with many of the same people), there's always an excuse to create a new one. Drinks tonight? I'll make a WhatsApp group. Weekend plans? I'll make a WhatsApp group. The Kardashians post a controversial Instagram? BRB, this calls for a WhatsApp group of its own.


When Coming Up With The Perfect Group Name Becomes Your Proudest Achievement In Life

Let's face it, nothing beats the sweet victory of being the one to come up with a genius WhatsApp group name. It's one of the few things in life that still has you smiling to yourself days later.


Forget Google Or Siri, Ask The WhatsApp Group

When you've got a group dedicated to pretty much everything, chances are one of you pals will know the answer to whatever you're after. Picking a link to read on Google search is way too time consuming.


Nothing Makes Your Blood Boil Quite Like A Double Blue Tick



Your Patience With Replies Is Non-Existent

If a reply takes longer than two minutes you instantly think WhatsApp is down. That, or you lose interest in the conversation altogether. #ByeFelicia


You Communicate Via Gifs Instead Of Actual Words Most Of The Time

Seriously, who needs words when you can say everything you need in Gif form?


You Have To Take Loo Breaks At The Cinema To Check Your Notifications

The withdrawal symptoms are way too strong ignore. Plus, two and a half hours is way too long to be disconnected from your group chats.


Your Phone Is Constantly Attached To A Portable Charger

Long battery life — what even is that?


Accidentally Writing Something In The Wrong Group Chat Is Your Biggest Fear In Life

The idea of sending last night's drunk pictures to the work group chat is a scary, scary thought. Or worse — sending the screenshots to the group you just took them from. Pro tip number two: if that happens, immediately hold your finger over the message until the options appear. Select delete. This removes it from the group chat, so if you get in there quick enough, your faux pas can be totally rectified before anyone sees it.


You Leave Your Phone For 15 Minutes & Come Back To 200 Notifications

The WhatsApp chat continues whether you're there or not. In these situations you know the only option is to take a seat and get scrolling, all while hoping nobody starts typing while you're playing catch-up. Once you've lost your place in the thread that's it — you're going to have to sit this one out.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you're in too deep. Chances are you also quite possibly received several notifications while reading this story. I applaud you for not being distracted. Now go and respond.