What You Can Learn About 'Bachelorette' Contestant Jason From His Instagram

ABC/Paul Hebert

This season of The Bachelorette just hit its midway point, and Becca continues to slowly narrow down her pool of eligible bachelors. The latest episode was filled with drama, with both David and Jordan getting sent home after an explosive two-on-one date. John was also sent home, and although Chris was seriously rude to both Becca and Wills, he somehow made it through to next week. And while beefcake Colton seemed to dominate Week 5, Jason has also been quietly making his presence known. The senior corporate banker has kept a relatively low profile, but fans can still look to his social media to find out more about the Buffalo native. So here's what Bachelorette contestant Jason's Instagram says about him.

It was clear after the most recent episode that Jason is not a great singer (though honestly, none of the contestants were), but he still gave it his all for his reworked version of Wayne Newton's classic song "Danke Schoen." And in the preview of what's to come on this season of The Bachelorette, audiences get to see Jason pour his heart out to Becca. "I'm so insanely, wildly, in love with you," he tells her. So what does this soft-hearted, finance bro's Instagram reveal about him? While he doesn't have a huge social media presence, his few posts still show a lot about his personality.


Jason loves sports

Not only is he a huge Buffalo Bills fan (he's from upstate New York, after all), but Jason also has an affinity for hockey, golf, mixed martial arts, and the New England Patriots. What's more, he also used to play soccer competitively. And since there are a ton of athletes vying for Becca's heart this season, this may work in Jason's favor throughout the competition.


The man is a mama's boy

Jason seems to make his mother a priority, much to her delight. He even posted a sweet birthday tribute to his mom last year, with the caption: "Happy Birthday Mom! Love you more than life itself!" And you know what they say about dating a guy who treats his mom well, right? That's good news for Jason, and it could be even better news for Becca.


Not only that, but he's a family man in general

In his intro video for The Bachelorette, Jason was sure to mention his family. "We're kind of spread out all over, but we're close and talk almost every day," he said. Awww!


He values his friends

Jason doesn't post about his social life all that much, but he appears to have a solid group of friends. And you know they're genuine buddies when they aren't afraid to call him out on his wardrobe, which is getting "so Seattle." Since the corporate banker is located on the West Coast, it's nice that he and his old pals can still get together once in a while.


He takes his hair very seriously

Jason keeps referencing hair gel on his Instagram and saying that he's not using it as much anymore. Perhaps he's responding to some feedback from his slicked-back look on The Bachelorette? And while he may not be able to compete with stuntman Leo on the hair front, his locks are still looking healthy and natural. Just go easy on the product, Jason!


He's got a wild side

Although he appears to be a professional, buttoned-up businessman, Jason's Insta makes it clear that he knows how to roll up his sleeves. Sometimes he parties for charity, and sometimes he goes on a cruise with Patriots player Rob Gronkowski, who appears to be a buddy of his.


He appreciates the arts

Or Hamilton, at the very least.


He cleans up well

The man looks good in a tux, which is a nice change from the plaid sports jackets he seems so fond of on The Bachelorette.


He loves a good cause

Move over, Colton, because Jason is also involved in charity work. Many of the corporate banker's posts involve the charity Friends of Carly, which is a non-profit that raises awareness for pediatric cancer. He seems to be mostly involved in the non-profit's annual White Party fundraiser, where all of the guests, spoiler alert, wear white.


He's not afraid to poke fun at himself

There was an unfortunate moment in Episode 3 when Becca forgot Jason's name. It was understandable, since between Jake, Jason, Joe, John, and Jordan, it's a wonder Becca kept anyone straight. Luckily, Jason took it all in stride.

So although viewers haven't seen a whole lot of Jason so far in this competition, there's still a chance for him to make a name for himself and win Becca's heart. But maybe he should steer clear of any karaoke and hair gel for the time being.