10 Times Gina Linetti From 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Was The Best Friend Ever

Vivian Zink/NBC

Spoillers ahead for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, Episode 3. Although Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) is the human form of the 100 emoji, she's not always the most attentive member of the Nine-Nine. But although she doesn't wear typically her heart on her sleeve, that makes it all the more touching when she reveals her true colors. So when Jake's old nickname, The Tattler, is resurrected at their 20-year high school reunion, Peralta realizes that Linetti had something to do with it. But as audiences learn on this week's episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina is actually a great friend.

Before the DDC (Dope Denim Crew) leave for their old stomping ground, Boyle brings up "Tattle-gate." Jake explains that when he was a junior in high school, he desperately wanted to befriend a cool kid named Brandon. And although he could barely read and lost his virginity when he was 12, Jake was obsessed with him and his crew. However, the night before Jake was supposed to go steal a car with them and go out drinking, someone narced, and Brandon was suspended. Everyone blamed Jake, and they called him The Tattler until graduation.

So when everyone at the reunion resurrects Peralta's old nickname, he's furious. Putting their detective skills to work, he and Amy discover that Gina was actually the tattler (they dressed the same junior year, so it was easy to get them confused). When Jake confronts his old friend, she explains that she did it out of love. "You were hanging out with those guys and getting close, and they weren't good people," Gina says with surprising insight. What's more, she says that Brandon wasn't at their reunion because he's on parole and can't leave the state of Delaware.

It's sweet that the DDC have each other's backs, and even if Gina pretends not to care, you know she loves her coworkers deep down. Which makes it even more sad that the self-proclaimed "Paris of people" is spreading those glorious, dancer arms and leaving the Nine-Nine nest. But before she leaves the show, let's take a look back at some of her greatest hits that prove — once and for all, whether she likes it or not — that Gina is the best friend anyone could have. After all, the only thing she's not good at is modesty, because she's great at it.

When She Took Care Of Six-Drink Amy

Season 2, Episode 12. Although Gina's convinced that she'll be friends with "Six-Drink Amy," she discovers that Santiago becomes really depressed when she consumes that much alcohol. Despite this, Linetti helps Amy throw up and makes sure she's O.K.

When She Convinced Holt Not To Give Up

Season 3, Episode 1. Holt's professional rival, Madeline Wuntch, transfers him to PR and forces him to wear a pigeon costume. Down-trodden, the former captain tells Gina that he wants to give up, but she refuses to hear it. "I did not follow you to PR to watch you quit," she tells him. "I followed you because you're great and because you make everything you touch better."

When She Helped Amy With Her Magnetic Flashlight Idea

Season 3, Episode 6. Although NYPD purchasing ultimately doesn't go for it, it's sweet that Gina likes her friend's idea and even gives the magnetic flashlight to a voracious young reader who lives in her building.

When She Helped Jake Save The Day

Season 3, Episode 10. It's Jake's dream to be caught in a Die Hard-like scenario, and that's exactly what happens when Canadian bandits break into a department store where Boyle, Gina, and Jake are Christmas shopping. However, Linetti keeps her cool and helps the two policemen take the bad guys down.

When She Helped Jake Stall After He Trashed Holt's Apartment

Season 3, Episode 18. After Cheddar wreaks havoc in Holt and Kevin's home, Gina takes the Captain back from the airport to survey the damage. But when their corgi escapes, Jake asks Gina to create a diversion, which she does admirably.

And, to be fair, she warned Jake that she was going to wreck his car, which she definitely does.

When She Helped An Injured Holt Into A Transport Truck

Season 4, Episode 3. Nobody wants to boost their boss's bottom (title of your sex tape) into a large van, but Gina does just that, because she knows that her friends' lives are on the line. Thankfully, between her dancer's legs and Holt's knowledge of stick shift, they're able to drive straight into Figgis's car, preventing his escape.

When She Saved The Nine-Nine With Her Live Stream

Season 4, Episode 15. By streaming her cement-related pranks on Ginazon, she unwittingly piques community interest in the precinct. As a result of the G-Hive's support, the Nine-Nine is able to remain open. And while they were nonplussed by her pranks, they can thank Gina for their jobs.

When She Knew Who Rosa's Type Was

Season 5, Episode 17. Gina sets Diaz up on a disastrous date, but what the detective doesn't know is that her real date is tending bar. And after the two of them hit it off, Diaz realizes that Gina knew what she was talking about.

When She Tried to Fix The Toilet

Season 5, Episode 20. While Rosa is trying to dispel an active shooter, Amy and Gina distract themselves by trying to fix a broken toilet for their friend. And although they destroy the plumbing in an attempt to fix it, it's the thought that counts, right?

When She Convinced Her Mom To Divorce Boyle's Dad

Season 6, Episode 1. Out of context, this sounds like a terrible thing to do, but Gina tells Charles that her mom has been cheating on his dad. As a result, Linetti convinces her mom to divorce Mr. Boyle, since it would be cruel to stay in a marriage that she's not committed to.

And while it will be sad to see our favorite dancer leave the show, these past five-and-a-bit seasons have been a blast. And who knows? Maybe we'll be seeing Gina Linetti Spaghetti Confetti around the precinct sometime soon, because the acoustics in the men's bathroom are amazing, after all.