10 Weird But Ingenious Bras That Are Trending On Pinterest

Pinterest is dangerous for me — or my wallet, at least. As far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect combination of visual stimulation, wish-fulfillment, and food porn. It's also an awesome place to check out the weirdest bra trends trending on Pinterest, especially ones that are particularly weird but genius.

If you think your drawer full of standard t-shirt bras is all you need, think again, because I haven't been able to get these bras out of my head since they ended up on my recommended pins notification. Now that I think about it, I should probably change the push settings on that, because it pops up at the most inconvenient of times, and I simply don't have the self control to ignore it.

The most brilliant bras are the kinds that solve a problem other than merely holding your boobs up. They manage to keep you supported while simultaneously remaining comfortable, useful, dry, hidden, or (in the case of a strapless design) not creeping toward your waist. For a person shopping for these kinds of innovative bras, Pinterest is the absolute best place to start, because it's a stockpile of genius ideas and retailers that ensure you can find exactly what you're looking for. Check out the latest trends — and where to buy them — right here.

1. This Two-Piece "Bra" That Somehow Keeps Things Lifted


Komene Ultrafine Backless Strapless Bra (Sizes A-D), $20, Amazon

If you're looking to wear a bra under any kind of outfit (no matter how low or how sheer), this Komene Ultrafine backless strapless bra gives you cleavage, lift, and protection without any straps whatsoever. Basically, it adheres to your chest to keep things centered and raised, you can reuse it multiple times, and reviewers have great things to say. "Amazing product!" says one in particular. "Wore it under my wedding dress, sweat my butt off for 6 hours, but these bad boys were still hanging on."

2. People Are Flipping Over This Bra With A Pocket

TLF Apparel

TLF Catalyst Bra (Sizes XS-L), $40, TLF Apparel

The TLF Catalyst Bra is circulating like crazy on Pinterest, and that's because of its genius back pocket that you can use to hold your phone, wallet, or MP3. It's also made with anti-bacterial defense technology to keep you clean and fresh, and it's high-impact, super breathable, ridiculously stretchy, and insanely comfortable.

3. This Bizarre Bra Can Be Customized For Low-Cut Tops


Convertible Plunge Bra (Sizes 32B-36D), $28, Nordstrom

Another pin for those difficult outfits, this convertible plunge bra is specifically designed to give you lift and shape even with the lowest-cut tops. The wireless cups also have pockets that are ready for additional cups if you want a little extra boost, and the straps can be adjusted to give you a crisscross shape when your outfit calls for it.

4. A Wirefree Bra That's Equal Parts Sporty And Sexy


Torrid Trim Lace Bralette (Sizes 00-6), $29, Torrid

It's not secret that plus size bralettes can be relatively hard to find — that is, until Pinterest starts doing all the hard work for you. The Torrid trim lace bralette has people totally psyched, because it's equal parts sexy and sporty and actually supports you without making you feel overly confined. Reviewers wear it to sleep, lounge, work out, go out — you name it, this works for it.

5. This Removable Caged Neckline Turns Up The Volume In An Instant


Halter Me At Burgundy Bra (Sizes 34A-36C), $16, Yandy

The strappy caged bra trend is in full swing. Why? Because for the first time, your bra straps demand to be seen. This Halter Me At Burgundy bra has push-up underwire cups and a floral lace band, but the really innovative part is the caged neck which can actually be removed when you're just feeling a regular bra.

6. Hand-Shaped Cups Are The Secret To This Strapless Bra


Delmira Hand Shaped Strapless Bra (Sizes 32A-42F), $21-$23, Amazon

Another Pinterest trend is the search for "strapless bras that actually stay up." It's a tall order, but this Delmira strapless bra actually delivers because of its weird but genius hand-shaped inner cups. They keeps you lifted and supported alongside the reliable power band, and people are absolutely loving the four classy color choices and subtle lace overlay.

7. A Halter, Strapless, And Basic Bra All In One

Bare Necessities

Ashley Graham Phenomenon Halter Bra (Sizes 38C-44DD), $45, Bare Necessities

This one is all over Pinterest because it's just so damn versatile, not to mention downright gorgeous. It's a plus-sized bra with lace halters that can be tucked into inconspicuous pockets so you've immediately got a reliable strapless. It also comes with your usual stretch straps to turn it into your average bra, and all three looks are comfortable, trendy, and reliable.

8. This Bra Gives You Loads Of Cleavage Without Any Wires


B.Splendid Wire-Free Pushup Bra (Sizes 30A-38DD), $26-$44, Amazon

Contrary to popular belief, it's very possible for a bra to give you significant lift and push without the wires, as long as you've got the right bra. The B.Splendid wire-free pushup bra has tons of pins and amazing reviews because the lightweight padding and plunged neckline give you genuine cleavage without any poking wires. It also comes in three casual colors and has reviewers saying, "This bra made me cry tears of joy."

9. A Bra To Match Your Mesh Workout Leggings

Forever 21

Medium Impact Sports Bra (Sizes XS-L), $15, Forever 21

A followup to the mesh leggings obsession, this medium impact mesh sports bra that's trending on Pinterest is both trendy and functional. The mesh overlay gives you added style and coverage while keeping you well-ventilated during your workout, and it's got cool features like removable cups, adjustable straps, and moisture-wicking yet supportive fabric.

10. Get All That Lift Without The Padding

Lavinia Lingerie

Balconette Cleavage Bra (Sizes 32B-40F), $25, Lavinia Lingerie

This pin, which features the balconette cleavage bra, calls this one the"best shelf bra ever." It somehow manages to miraculously create a full push-up look without any of the excess padding, and it's got adjustable and comfortable wide-set shoulder straps. "Because the name describes it as a 'push up' I was expecting padding along the bottom and sides like all other push ups I have encountered," says one reviewer. "This bra is actually very lightly lined but gives AMAZING lift."

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