10 Weird But Genius Bras That Get Amazing Reviews

As someone who prefers to never go without a bra, I tend to shop for bras in all different styles. That way, I can wear whatever clothes I want without thinking about what to wear underneath. Sometimes, that means the bra I end up buying looks pretty weird on its own, but finding the bras that get great reviews is my secret trick. This way, I know the bras actually work for real people, despite their odd designs.

The great thing about these strange-looking bras is they let you try trickier styles you may not have otherwise, if you couldn't find the right bra beforehand. There are backless bras, plunge bras, sticky boobs, and more that make wearing the latest trends such an easy experience. So, I've found the best thing to do is read through the reviews of people who have not only purchased the bra, but have actually worn it and tested it out. This helps you avoid buying it, trying it on, seeing that it doesn't actually do what it says it will, and then having to return it. I decided to round up a bunch of weird bras that get amazing reviews that actually give you support and work, so you don't have to.

1. A Seamless Clear Back Bra

Capezio Seamless Clear Back Bra With Transition Straps (Size XS-XL), $20-$28, Amazon

There's no denying that this bra looks a bit strange. But, now you don't have to worry about your bra showing when you rock a backless dress. This bra (which is kind of like a sports bra), has clear plastic straps that run along the bottom of the bra, so it stays hidden. One user said, "It fits like a sports bra, it's comfortable, it give [sic] support and it's high quality..." and it means no more adjusting every few minutes.

2. A Breathable No-Bounce Full Support Sports Bra

Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sports Bra (Size 34F-50G), $27, Amazon

I know that there's no way I'm the only person out there who can't stand boob sweat. And when you workout, it's inevitable. If only there was a breathable option that still gave you the support that you really need when doing high impact activities. This bra has an open mesh design that lets your breasts get some air while you're sweating, all while providing you with comfortable support. One buyer said, "...it fits perfectly. And I could literally do jumping jacks."

3. A Super Plunging Bra For Those Low Necklines

Wonderer Perfect Plunge Firm Support Plunge Bra (Size 34B-38F), $32-$45, Amazon

I read one review of this bra, where the reviewer said it made her feel like Kim Kardashian. She said she can wear super low cut tops or unbutton her shirt a bit more for date night. At first glance, this bra is definitely shaped differently than most, but it gives your boobs a bit more oomph, some great cleavage, and the ability to rock the most daring necklines.

4. A Sports Bra That Gives You Some Cleavage

Danskin Now Front Close Plunge Sports Bra (Sizes 34A-40D), $19-$42, Amazon

When I think of a sports bra, I think of something that's full coverage and not always the most aesthetically minded. So to me (someone who occasionally has to wear two bras to workout), a sports bra that gives you cleavage in a stylish way and provides support, is just about as weird as it gets. For this moisture-wicking bra, it's all about the front closure and cross back. That's what gives you some cleavage and the right support.

5. The Most Convertible Bra You Can Find

Ekouaer Strapless Convertible Padded Underwire T-Shirt Bra (Size 32B-42DDD), $20, Amazon

If you can't go braless (ever), then you should definitely have a convertible bra in your arsenal. You probably worry about keeping your breasts in place at all times, and maybe you've even given up on finding a bra that makes you look great, no matter what you're wearing. This bra can be worn normally, strapless, cross back, halter, halter low back, regular low back. You can pretty much wear whatever you want with this bra, and that just sounds amazing.

6. Take A Huge Plunge With A Body Suit

Fashion Forms U Plunge Body Suit (Size S-XL), $27, Amazon

Both backless and featuring a super plunge neckline, you can definitely channel your inner J. Lo in this body suit. One user said, "...I bought a low cut dress that was open in the back and decided to give this a try! I tried it on and it really supported me and gave me lift. I truly looked great in my dress because of this thing." So while it may not be the most va-va voom piece of lingerie, it will certainly allow you to rock a sexy outfit.

7. A Strapless Backless Bra That Won't Slip Down

oolala Plus Size/Full Figure Strapless Backless Bra (Size Plus size 1-Plus size 3) , $25, Amazon

Users say that whether you're plus sized or have a large chest, this silicone bra (that has hidden outer under wires and is lightly lined) actually sticks to your body and stays there. Plus, the cup sizes actually fit, leaving you with a natural-looking bust. Even if I've always found these bras to look like chicken cutlets, the style seems fairly effective at actually staying put and supporting you.

8. A Strapless Push Up Bra With Customized Lift

Allezola Reusable Push Up Nubra Deep V Sticky Bra (Size A-D), $19, Amazon

Finally, a bra that allows you to create the push-up effect you actually want, depending on your outfit that day. You can place the cups where you want them to achieve any level of lift, and one reviewer said that her favorite part of it is that the nipple area is fabric. That makes it way more comfortable than other sticky bras. Plus, it stays on even when you get sweaty. And it comes with a cute pink case to store them in, so that they don't get ruined.

9. Create Crazy Amounts Of Cleavage With A Customizable Sticky Bra

Oolala 6X Stickier Backless Self Adhesive Invisible Push Up Bra (Size XS-M), $12-$16, Amazon

This is a clear bra, which means no settling for a slightly-off bra color again. The front tie allows you to create as much cleavage as you want by tying the cups together. Reviewers are saying this sticky bra does not budge when you have it on, and it gives you an amazing, natural-looking shape.

10. Lift Breasts With A Shelf-Like Structure

ToBeInStyle Push-Up Bust Line Bra (Size S-XXL), $11-$12, Amazon

This is the weirdest thing — it's basically a shelf for your boobs. You wear it over your bra to give yourself some extra lift, and according to some reviewers, it actually offers some additional relief. One user said they tried the piece on for six hours and still found it to be relatively comfortable, saying, "I would buy another, and I can imagine wearing this while traveling/walking so my back muscles don't get too sore from holding up my breasts as they do now."

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