10 Memes For National Red Wine Day That Will Make You Say “It Me”

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In case you needed an excuse to increase your red wine intake, August 28 is National Red Wine Day. If you've neglected the darker, full-bodied wine this summer for the lighter and fruitier rosé, it's officially time to pay red wine some attention. And what better way to celebrate the boozy holiday than with wine memes for National Red Wine Day — because who knows your relationship with wine better than the internet? The internet is filled with inside jokes between us and our wine intake, and laughing over them together is easily the best way to pay this holiday justice.

That said, of course you should also celebrate the holiday by pouring yourself a glass or red wine and cheersing to the drink of the fall. As temperatures start to cool down, we'll naturally start drifting away from our summer water and craving a deep, bold red wine to keep us warm. It won't be long before we're all walking around with chunky scarves, purple stained lips and bluish fuzzy teeth — oh red wine, what a love/hate relationship I have with you! Here are some of my favorite memes that best depict that very relationship we all have with wine. Cheers to another excuse to celebrate a glass of wine and a good internet laugh.

No Judgment Zone

When you're in a ~mood~ nothing follows up a big glass of wine like another big glass of wine. Each glass is just a gateway to the next.


If you think about it that way, wine is a part of a balanced diet! A very sophisticated one at that!

What's To Stop?

Wine stoppers are cute and all, but what's the point of having one if you never stop drinking?

Size Matters

We've all been there: when you've had the kind of day that inspires you to fill a wine glass to the tippy top like it's a cup of juice, but you feel like insisting that you "just want one glass!"

I Think So

And if you're sprinting because the wine shop is about to close, it counts as double exercise.

Why Is That?

I mean, this is a really good point. Why does it seem impossible to add more water into your diet, while there's always room for wine?

Grapes Are Fruit

If grapes are fruit, than wine is juice. It's just a simple logic. I don't make the rules!

Wine O'Clock

#TFW you wake up and know before you get out of bed that it's going to be a wine night.

Clever Drinker

I regret not using this saying for my senior quote.

That's About Right

You can tell a lot about a person by how tall they fill their wine glass.