10 Women And Non-Binary People Reveal The Worst Sex Advice They've Ever Received

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

We don't receive much sex advice growing up, and unfortunately, the advice we do receive is often completely off-base or downright dangerous. Hopefully, we can get to the point one day where we look back and laugh and the ridiculous things we were once taught about sex. In the meantime, though, all the horrible sex advice out there sets us up for some serious misunderstandings, uncomfortable situations, and even unhealthy relationships.

"Basic anatomy and sexual health information is severely limited amongst many clients, which dramatically impacts intimacy," Angie Gunn, LCSW, sexuality expert at Talkspace, tells Bustle. "How long does it take the female genitals to become erect/engorged and aroused? Can a non-erect penis reach climax? Where is the G-spot and what is squirting? These and many more important questions speak to a lack of basic sexuality education and information that can dramatically improve sex."

Women and non-binary people especially tend to receive sex advice that is not only wrong but also sexist. To see where sex education is lacking (though the answer is really "everywhere"), Bustle asked women and non-binary people about the worst sex advice they've received. The answers show how long we have to go before people receive accurate and egalitarian information about sex. Let these tidbits teach you what not to believe.