"100 Years of Beauty Taiwan" Is Proof That Beauty Trends Are Cyclical — VIDEO

The "100 Years of Beauty" video series always blows my mind, since the time lapse videos encapsulate multiple decades of beauty trends in a minute-long video. Cut's 100 Years of Beauty Taiwan video sticks to the template of these videos really taking my breath away. You'd be surprised at how effectively these clips condense the transformations and trends through years and in a variety of locales. The one thing that really struck me about this clip is that even though beauty looks and styles have changed and evolved through the decades, the one constant is the natural flush. Even the super glam, product-heavy looks still radiate this pink-tinted freshness and light.

Another thing that resonated with me while watching this video and that I think will have the same effect on anyone else who watches it? All of the trends, even the big and voluminous '80s hair and the stick straight '00s coif, are still fun and wearable in 2017.

I walked away from the video thinking, "The more things change.... the more you realize that they really don't."

But this video is serious proof that everything will eventually come back into style at some point, that beauty trends are indeed cyclical, and that many of them are global.

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Aren't all of these looks so timeless? These are some standouts.

The 1950s style is my favorite.

Can you say bombshell?

The '00s reigning trends were glossy lips and flat-ironed hair. It's like stepping into a time warp, right?

All of them get my vote.

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