11 '90s Movies To Watch When You Need A Break From Reality

While every decade has its own contribution to film history, the '90s has a special place in my heart. It was a peak era for teen comedies, romantic dramas, and, of course, iconic witch movies. I think everyone can agree these are some of the most important movie genres but while these films certainly underwent a renaissance during the decade, that doesn't mean that other film genres were not thriving. Disaster movies had a moment, action films started to blow up (sometimes literally), and the science fiction genre expanded its repertoire as new special effects were invented. No matter what kind of movie you're in the mood for, the '90s are an endless source of escapism. While most of the decade's classics have a lot to offer, these are the '90s movies to watch when you need to take a break from reality.

These '90s flicks all have one thing in common; they are the perfect movies to get lost in. Whether it's a scientific exploration, a day that repeats itself over and over again, or a theme park gone awry, these movies are some of the most captivating of the decade. It's not just the crazy worlds or scenarios that make these movies stick, but also the intriguing characters. Why even bother sticking around in reality when you could hang out with a Bill Murray as a crotchity newscaster or Laura Dern as a dinosaur-fighting scientist? When your reality is a drag and you just need to take a pause, pick one of these '90s films.

1'Practical Magic'


What's better than a story about a witch? A story about two witches who are sisters with an unbreakable bond. While many classic witch stories came out of the decade, Practical Magic has everything; a feminist story where two sisters look out for each other, a school parent-teacher organization participating in a seance, and witch moms getting drunk on magical tequila. While only one of these scenarios is likely to happen IRL, they are all in this movie.

2'Groundhog Day'


In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray plays a grumpy newscaster named Phil Connors who knows what it's like to have an off day. The only difference is this guy has to live it over and over again until he starts learning some lessons. This comedy is hilarious, but it also has an enlightening message at the end that might just make you feel a little better about your circumstances.

3'Jurassic Park'


Before Westworld there was another creepy theme park gone rogue from the mind of Michael Crichton. The original Jurassic Park films are the perfect getaway for so many reasons. The suspense! The science! Laura Dern as a smart and capable dinosaur vet! It's time to revisit this Spielberg original.



OK, so maybe this isn't the best movie to watch if you're in a fragile emotional state. If you are looking for a good weep, however, Titanic has you covered. While the romance between Jack and Rose is the big draw for this movie, the action-filled ending will keep hearts racing and eyes tearing long after the credits roll. Don't forget the film is also a few hours long, so set aside a whole afternoon.

5'Princess Mononoke'


Most people grew up watching Miyazaki's films, but Princess Mononoke was a little too scary for children. The movie is about a princess trying to protect her wolf family and the forest they live in from the industrial world. It's pure animated magic, featuring some of Miyazaki's most terrifying creatures and magical landscapes.

6'The Addams Family'


If you think your family is weird, they have nothing on the Addams. From their creepy house to spooky relatives, The Addams Family is not a conventional family comedy. Underneath the goth exterior, however, this is a story about acceptance. The weirdo antics of the Addams family will definitely make you feel better about your oddball fam, and maybe your own individuality too.

7'Mrs. Doubtfire'


In the '90s there was a strange sub-genre of movies that were disguise-themed. In this one, Robin Williams plays a divorced father posing as a nanny to be in touch with his children. The antics that follow are hilarious, but it's also about mistakes and it gets pretty emotional.



There is no better place to escape to than space. In this sci-fi drama, Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey are two intrepid scientists looking for extra-terrestrial life. The '90s was a prime decade for alien hunting, and anyone who marathons The X-Files will find this movie equally entertaining.

9'The Blair Witch Project'


There is no better wait to get your mind of things than to scare yourself silly, and for that The Blair Witch Project is the right film. This horror movie totally redefined the genre, and as a genuinely scary film, it was groundbreaking. Even into the next decade the horror holds up, so this is definitely not for scaredy-cats.

10'Being John Malkovich'


Warning: this movie is seriously weird. A retired puppeteer named Craig Philips discovers a portal in his office through which he can inhabit the actor John Malkovich's psyche for 15 minutes before it ejects him out onto a random highway. Craig gets permanently stuck in Malkovich, and turns him into a famous puppeteer to try and win his girlfriend back. The story is really about relationships and self-worth, but it definitely takes the viewer on a wild ride.

11'Wayne's World'


This buddy comedy is a comedy classic, following rock fans and public access TV hosts Wayne Cambell and Garth Algar as their show gets picked up by a studio and they try and make it big. This movie is lighthearted and low stakes, and if you're an ambitious person or under a lot of career-stress, it's the perfect watch to relieve the pressure.