11 '90s Shoes To Bring Back After Steve Madden Slides

by Rosie Narasaki

Through sheer nostalgic force of will, Steve Madden's iconic stretchy platform slides are officially back on shelves. So, now that we know the true scope of our powers, what other '90s shoes should we bring back? Which other iconic styles are in need of resurrection for 2017? So many — because those near-mythic Steve Madden slinky slides are far from the only '90s shoe that invokes major nostalgia. But what else should round out the top picks?

There are a few brand names that pop to mind first — platform Skechers perhaps being foremost — but what other styles do we associate with the '90s? And of those styles, which ones do we absolutely need in 2017? Well, there are a lot that would actually fit in really well with all the other '90s trends currently staging comebacks — after all, it would be nice to have chunky platforms to wear with all our grungy plaid wear, or some holographic pastel sneakers to go with the whole unicorn craze that's been making the rounds lately. And how about velvet sandals? Come on, everyone loves velvet sandals.

Those styles just the beginning, though — read on for 11 shoes that absolutely need to be resurrected in 2017!

1. Holographic Sneakers

The world's obsessed with all things holographic, and thanks to athleisure, sporty styles are totally in style — so when are trendy holographic sneakers coming back?

2. Holographic Slides

Yeah, so as long as we're bringing back the Steve Madden slinky slides and holographic sneakers, why not bring back holographic foam slides while we're at it?

3. Sandal Mary Jane Platforms

I honestly don't even know what these were called, but they were popular at weddings, formal dances, and the like.

4. Holographic Butterfly Platforms

Remember the days when everything had butterflies on them? I miss those days.

5. Sugar Floaties

Remember how gosh-darned comfy these were?

6. Velvet Platform Sandals

Remember how everything used to be velvet, even sandals?

7. Bedazzled Sneakers

Please, please, please bring back bedazzled sneakers.

8. Embroidered Clogs

Clogs are already back — so now it's time to officially make embroidered clogs socially acceptable again.

9. Glittery Platform Sandals

Resurrect the glittery sandal trend, and make Cher Horowitz proud.

10. Skechers Platform Sneakers

Straight up iconic.

11. Chunky Oxfords

Come on, these would add a little edginess to every outfit — and they'd be comfy to boot.

If you had your druthers, which '90s shoe style would you bring back to this century? Nostalgia has never been so fashionable.