11 Adorable Father-Daughter Moments Between Barack Obama And His Daughters


The Obama family has changed a lot over the last eight years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is their love for each other. Even while managing to run the country and achieve landmark legislation, President Obama always made time for his family, and especially his daughters Sasha and Malia. As they grew up in the White House, their dad was always by their side, helping them out and cheering them on in everything they did. These 11 adorable father-daughter moments between Obama and his daughters show that even though he was Commander-In-Chief, his most important job was always being a dad.

It’s got to be exceptionally difficult to manage family dynamics when you live in the White House and your entire life is subject to public judgement. Yet the Obamas seem to have managed it with grace and success. Sasha and Malia have grown into two intelligent and successful young women, mature beyond their years due to all the incredible experiences they’ve had in their young lives. But through it all, they still seem to be Daddy’s girls at heart. Malia and Sasha are often seen in public holding their dad’s hand and laughing with him, proving that even when your dad has a stressful, time-consuming job, you can still be super close and have a great relationship. These cute father-daughter moments between Obama and his girls show how lucky they are to have him as a dad.

The Family's Vacation To Maine


President Obama said in a 2011 interview that this was one of his favorite moments in office up to that point, which is just too cute.

The Girls' First State Dinner

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The president got a little emotional talking about how much the girls have grown up during the family's time in the White House, and the whole family looked stylish and sophisticated.

When They All Laughed Together At The Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning

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Great daughters like Sasha and Malia stand politely at their dad's work events and appreciate his dad jokes.

Sasha's Super-Cute "What City Are You In Daddy" Moment

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Little Sasha was just seven years old when she and her family rocketed to international fame, but she handled it with adorable grace.

Their Latest Family Vacation To Hawaii


The Obamas did an escape room activity and went out for ice cream on their Christmas vacation this year, and looked just like any old family having fun and bonding.

When Malia Graduated From High School

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Obama got pretty emotional just thinking about it a few months before it even happened, so you can be sure he was a wreck during the ceremony. He also declined an invitation to speak at the graduation so he could just be a dad.

When Obama Sang Malia Happy Birthday

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A good dad never minds potentially embarrassing himself a little for the sake of his daughter, but he also has a pretty great singing voice to help make her proud of him.

When He Helped Sasha Roller Skate


Obama is an athletic guy, so it makes total sense that he helped his daughter learn how to roller skate. Sasha also got to learn that she can always lean on her dad when she needs support.

When He Took The Girls Shopping On Small Business Saturday

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He even carried the bags like a great dad.

When Dad Got The Girls A Puppy

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He even made sure to get a hypoallergenic breed to help with Malia's allergies.

When He Volunteered With Sasha


President Obama already lives a life of service, but he still stepped up to be an example for his daughter in his spare time.