11 Easter Party Ideas For Adults That You Won’t Find Boring

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Steffi Loos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your favorite Easter memories are probably from your childhood, because most people put a lot more effort into making the holiday special for kids — which is understandable but also too bad for us now. But there's no reason why adults can't have fun too. So, if you're hosting your own Easter get together this year, you might want to consider adult Easter party ideas for 2018, because it's never too late to make new memories. Take Easter into your own hands by hosting your own party. Switch up your old traditions, start new ones, and make Easter a big part of your adult life, too.

And if you think you're too old to have a good time looking for an egg in the backyard, you're not. All you have to do is take the things you did as a kid and raise the stakes. Add some more competitive aspects, some artful requirements, some booze or some imagination and you've got tons of old traditions to re-imagine. Here I've put together a list of adult-friendly Easter party ideas ranging from games to crafts to dishes. When in doubt, anything pastel or sweet is going to be a hit at your party — those two elements never get old.

Easter Egg Shots

This idea is pretty simple, but also could be a real hit at your party: Order some plastic, empty Easter eggs, and serve shots out of them! You can fill them with a spirit, or you can make Jell-O shots and scoop them into the eggs!

Scavenger-Style Easter Egg Hunt

Instead of just scattering some eggs around your backyard, make the game a bit more cerebral. Hide the eggs in really complicated places and give participants a list of clues to help them out. This will make actually finding an egg feel much more rewarding.

Pastel Hair Coloring Station

Stock up on some beautiful pastel colored hair chalk and leave them out on a table with some mirrors and brushes for your guests to play with. This activity is great for both children and adults, is 100 percent temporary, and 100 percent awesome. Plus, it makes for some pretty great Instagramming opportunities.

Easter Nail Art Station

Decorating Easter eggs isn't for everyone, but a good crafting session is a great way to break up the flow of a party. Get some pastel nail polishes and some decals and let your party guests get creative with their nail art. If you really want to go all the way, offer your guests some floral hand lotions and soaking dishes for the full spa experience.

The Jelly Bean Game

BeanBoozled is a Jelly Bean game during which you try different beans and have to guess what they are. Some of them are sweet and delicious, while others are literally putrid — in other words, this is a pretty high stakes game!

Make Your Own Dessert Station

Instead of serving dessert the old-fashioned way, fill tons of bowls with different candies and chocolates, then let your guests fill up jars with their favorite combinations. That way you guests get a sweet bite and a goodie bag to bring home!

Potluck Egg Contest

How many different ways can you and your guests prepare an egg dish? If any of your guests ask if they can bring anything to your party, tell them to make their most creative egg dish. Whoever comes up with the most unique way to serve the eggs wins an extra jar of candy on the way out!

Egg Decorating Contest

You've got to have an old-school egg decorating contest, it wouldn't be Easter without one. But instead of the classic tie-dye, go for something a little bit more adult and a little it more artful. Get some gold leaf crafts and inspire your party guests to let out their inner artist at the craft table.

Egg Toss

Get some fresh air with your guests and head outside for a classic egg toss. If your friends are particularly uncoordinated, though, you might want to hard boil your eggs first!

Candy Egg Taste Test

There are so many amazing Easter egg candies out there, from cookies and cream, to caramel, to cookie dough — it's probably why Easter is your favorite holiday — let's be honest. Get a few different flavors and have a blind taste test contests with your party guests for some dessert fun.