11 Apps For Aspiring Writers, Because You Never Know When Inspiration Will Strike

Let's face it: writing isn't a simple task, and authors can use all the help they can get when it comes to finishing (or starting) their projects. While traditionally, they've relied on dictionaries, thesauruses, journals, and typewriters, and well, books, there are plenty of useful apps all aspiring writers should download. From daily prompts to word track counters, there is no end to the number of tools available to modern-day authors.

Some writers get a bad wrap for being anti-technology, but the truth is, whether they are dismantling white supremacy on Twitter, creating poetry on Instagram, or simply using their built-in notes app to jot down thoughts, ideas, and inspiration as it comes to them, most aspiring authors are just as attached to their devices as the rest of the world.

Luckily for them, there are plenty of ways to turn that smartphone addiction into productivity, thanks to the many different writing apps on the market. Whether an author is searching for writing inspiration, trying to track the progress of their manuscript, or looking for an easy way to map their story, there's something in the app store that can help.

Are you ready to write your masterpiece? Then check out these 11 apps all aspiring writers should have.


Whether you're on the go or sitting at home, Werdsmith can help you transform your device into the writing studio of your dreams. Featuring word processing, goal trackers, simple formatting, and online portfolio publishing options, this all-in-one app has everything an aspiring writer needs to take their project from idea to completed work.

Available on: iTunes, Free


There are a lot of mind mapping apps on the market, but none are as equally inspiring and easy to use as Mindly. Clean, bright, and easy to use, this app, which is also available on Macs, can help aspiring authors brainstorm stories, organize ideas, and stay focused throughout the entire writing process.

Available on: iTunes and Google, Free

Dragon Dictation

Writers can't control when inspiration hits, but Dragon Dictation helps make sure it never slips away. An easy-to-use dictation tool that allows you to transcribe your thoughts fast, effectively, and hands-free, it's the perfect tool for writers who are constantly on the move. When you don't have a notebook, Dragon Diction gives you a place to save your thoughts, pen and paper free.

Available on: iTunes and Google Play, Free


Every writer experiences writer's block at least once in their lives, which is why every writer needs Unstuck. A unique app that helps inspire struggling writers with the help of story prompts, writing exercises, character workshops, and more, there's no project this handy tool can't help get started.

Available on: iTunes, Free

Story Tracker

Writer's block isn't the only challenge writers face; keeping track of projects, deadlines, and story submissions creates a whole new set of problems. With Story Tracker, all of the important details, including genre and word count, submission history, payment information, and more, are at the tip of your fingers.

Available on: iTunes, $7.99

Be Focused

Sometimes, the only thing standing in the way of an idea and a completed story is time. With Be Focused, you can manage it better with simple goal tracking, task management, to-do lists, alarms, and plenty of customization work and break options. When you can't get focuses, this app will.

Available on: iTunes. Free

Hanx Writer

If you want to write on a typewriter without actually having to, you know, own a typewriter, Hanx Writer is the perfect app for you. Featuring all of your favorite classic noises right from your device, this fun app allows you to create, share, and send your writing from your digital typewriter.

Available on: iTunes, Free

Writer: Write A Book

Create your next project using every tool at your disposal, including a notes, recordings, photos, and reminders with Writer.

Available on: iTunes, Free

Webster's Writer's Dictionary

A dictionary has long been considered writer's best friend, but Webster's Writer's Dictionary takes things to the next level. In addition to standard entries, this app offers creative definitions that will take your writing from regular to extraordinary with just a few clicks.

Available on: iTunes and Google Play, Free


Can't come up with the right words? With WordPalette, you don't have to. A fun writing instrument with a unique keyboard featuring smart text and poetic phrases, this app gives struggling writers a beautiful palette of words to use in creating their own masterpiece.

Available on: iTunes, Free

Story Planner

The perfect way to outline ideas, map out plots, and keep track of characters on the go, Story Planner helps writers do just that: plan stories. With features like scene drag and drop, character and location scene linking, and story statistics, this unique tool makes writing not only easier, but better.

Available on: iTunes and Google Play, $2.99-3.99